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  1. Michael Manring

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    Apr 1, 2000
    Hi folks,

    I apologize if this is off-topic, but I thought I'd pass along a message I got from acoustic bass guitar builder Dave Maize:

    " and some friends who are part of a peace group, are trying to raise some money to get a bunch of billboards posted around the country with a peace message. The first boards will have the image of an american flag, a dove superimposed, and the text 'Peace is Patriotic'. so far we have ad agencies in about 20 cities who will run these at a public service rate, which is far cheaper. We have enuf. to post about in about 8-10 locations right now, but would like to have many more go up.
    Soooo.. I was wondering if any of your associates in music might be able to help - we are doing this totally in our spare time - I should be building a bass right now but I really want to help show that not everyone wants to go to war. You can check out the billboard image at"
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    Dec 11, 1999
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    Thanks. It is an important message.

    Mike Dimin