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Peadal Board Cleanup

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by LostInSauce, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. It's time to clean up my pedalboard and make room for new stuff.

    Up for sale is a practically mint BOSS RC-2 Loop Station as well as a Digitech Bass Driver. I am the original owner of both pedals and they have been used; but never abused. Both have been hit with a little contact cleaner to ensure crackle-free operation.


    BOSS RC-2 Loop Station ($110.00+shipping/USPS Money Order)

    -Housed in a compact-pedal case, the RC-2 puts a surprising amount of features in a stompbox.
    -Up to 16 minutes of record time
    -Loop Quantize for perfect loop timing
    -Realistic Guide-Tone drum patterns built in
    -Easy, logical overdubbing and navigation
    -Undo/Redo function
    -11 phrases can be stored and recalled
    -AUX input to capture phrases from external audio device
    -External pedal input (stop/tempo)

    Record, Layer, Loop, & Store
    The RC-2 can record and store up to 16 mono minutes of audio, either from your own instrument or other external input devices, such as MP3 players/recorders. Each of your layered loop creations can be stored to one of 11 internal patch preset locations.

    Feature Rich
    It records, layers, and loops, but the RC-2 also provides a wealth of other handy and powerful features, such as a jam-along Rhythm Guide, Auto Start, Tap Tempo, Loop Quantize, and Undo/Redo.

    Friendly Operation
    In traditional BOSS fashion, the RC-2 benefits from a clean and friendly user interface. As powerful as this little Loop Station is, it's a dream to operate. Thanks to its clearly labeled buttons and knobs, the RC-2 puts everything directly under your fingertips, with no hidden menus or commands to impede the creative process.

    Pedalboard Ready
    Due to its standard compact-pedal shape and size, the RC-2 fits perfectly alongside other BOSS pedals. Great for fast setup and convenient transportation.

    DIGITECH Bass Driver ($40.00+Shipping/USPS Money Order)

    Bass OD to put some pedal in your metal! The Bass Driver Distortion is the world's most advanced overdrive
    pedal designed specifically for bass. DigiTech's exclusive AudioDNA¬ô technology is what makes the Bass Driver more than a standard
    overdrive stompbox. Rather than working with a single distortion circuit, the Bass Driver features a Morph knob that blends three totally
    distinct overdrive and distortion types. You now get a wide variety of overdrive sounds that can be dialed in quickly and easily.

    When you need to get raunchy, when you need to step out front and be heard, when you need a total metal meltdown, you need the DigiTech XBD Bass Driver Overdrive Pedal. The Bass Driver has 3 overdrive pedal models that can be morphed for entirely new sonic combos.

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  2. These two great pedals need a new home soon.

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