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Peavey 210TX combo extension cabinet

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JakesC, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. JakesC


    Jun 7, 2011
    I was going to match a used Peavey 115 BX-BW cabinet with this combo. Do I buy a 4ohm cabinet or an 8 ohm cabinet for optimal sound and performance?
  2. synterx


    Jan 24, 2005
    4 ohm I'm pretty sure. Back in the day peavey made all their cabs at 4 ohms and the amps at 2 ohm capable. But, verify. Isn't it printed on the back of the amp? Is it a tmax in the combo?
  3. i run Peavey combos,heads,our PC was just rebuilt so possibly i'm wrong but; seems like better pages/info on the BW's are availlable from their site than around the first of the year,yes they copy owners manuals but it's easier to navaigate(at least) or maybe it's an adobe update i was behind on?and,wel,blahblahblah(i take too much time explaining)>

    it's about total ohms,i can't verify your combo without doing a verification on their site(witch is your game)(and after deleating a ton of impertinent info here)>

    ,figure out if your combo is rated @ 8 or 4 ohm then figure out what the 2x10 is rated at,add the two then figure 8 plus eight is 4,4 plus four is 2,8 plus 4 is 6,basic math in a parallel world:confused:

    (ok yeah,find Peavey click on support,then when the page shows( biased on current gear offereings),click on `or search archived manuals' peice of cake; they are alphabetically listed,ok now what did i visit here for again?;),have fun man:bassist:
  4. An 8 ohm load combined with a 4 ohm load is 2.67 ohms
  5. actually i'm not all that knowledgable,every cab combo and extention i've owned has been 4 ohms,all black widows aside from a custom 4x10 cab i picked up from a guitar tech.

    i thought 2 4 ohm cabs equaled 2 total ohms,that's what my Kilobass head is rated@ total load:confused:and the Combo 300 would deliver the full 300 with another extension cab@ 4 ohm,been using my 4x10 as an extension cab with that,and of course; add 2-3 pedals in between,put your helmet/chest protector/ kidney belt on,and,parts fall of of things in the house like the wife's exercise bike:eek:,so,i must be getting close to full load:bag:

    EDIT=BASS cabs combos,had a GK backline for a very short time,GK back there as well but the Peavey gear is like,? free?;)
  6. JakesC


    Jun 7, 2011
    The back of the combo amp says extension speaker minimum 4ohm cabinet so I am guessing an 8ohm cabinet would be fine?
  7. No, you would only be sending a tiny amount of power to it and the combo speaker would still take the lion's share, negating the purpose of the extension cab.
  8. Blues Bass 2

    Blues Bass 2 Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    Davenport Iowa
    A used 210TX cabinet would match up very well , they are 4 ohms . If you wanted to do the 115 you would want to get a 4 ohm to match up with th 4 ohm load the combo has with its speakers already . The 210 would work better with the combo than the 115 though .
  9. srxplayer


    May 19, 2004
    Highland, CA
    What is the ohm rating of the 15? It also depends on what your amp is rated for. If its an older Peavey you mill most likely be safe running down to 2 ohms. Just make sure of what you have and match them up correctly.

    All of the 2x10 TX and TVX (later versions) that I saw were 4 ohm. Several years ago I owned a 4 ohm TVX that I used as an extention cab for a Peavey Combo 115. It was loaded with Sheffields. The combo was designed to run @ 2 ohms with extention cab. That TVX was the deepest sounding 2x10 I have ever heard. It was also the most heavy 2x10 I have ever had to carry. If I remember right it was rated at 250 watts. It matched up very well with the 15 in the combo. That set up sounded really good.
  10. JakesC


    Jun 7, 2011
    I found and purchased a Peavey 115BX BW and got the 8 ohm model for the purpose of maximizing my combo's power and having an extension cabinet. Not being too knowledgable about these things, I asked the salesman at Guitar Center and even showed him the manual/specs on the combo. He said the 8 ohm as an extension cabinet would be fine. I suspect I made a mistake and got suckered into taking the 8 ohm off their hands. I spoke to a tech at Peavey who doesn't think there will be any problems with damage as long as the speaker isn't run with the amp clipping, but thinks the 2x10's will still be doing almost all of the work on behalf of the amp, negating the whole intention of the purchase. It looks like running it with a separate power amp, in Bi amp mode is my only option other than getting rid of the 8 ohm and getting the 4 ohm cabinet. Please chime in...
  11. The Peavey tech is correct. The Guitar Center salesman was *partically* correct...the 8 ohm won't hurt anything, but it won't be doing much work either! Exactly as downunder and the others warned!

    HOWEVER...if you get ANOTHER 8 ohm cab and run it in parallel, then you would have a heckuva good sounding stack.
  12. p.s. There is another option. You can take your 8 ohm Black Widow and buy a 4 ohm basket for it, you just unbolt the magnet and bolt it onto the new basket.

    Or, if you were in Nashville, I could trade you a 4 ohm BW....
  13. JakesC


    Jun 7, 2011
    I'm in Maryland but thanks. How much would a replacement basket run? Is this a pretty straightforward thing to do? Guitar Center has offered to take back the cabinet and credit me the hundred bucks while I wait for a replacement, or they order another used one, with the right rating, from used GC inventory nationwide.
  14. Replacement basket is probably around $100, maybe more.

    If GC will take it back and get you a 4 ohm cab that would be better! Good luck!
  15. Blues Bass 2

    Blues Bass 2 Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    Davenport Iowa
    Have you tried the 115 cab with your amp yet ? It just might work fine .

    Each speaker will be getting the same amount of power , each ten and the fifteen . Since the combo has two speakers in it it will as a cabinet get more power than the 115 cab but the difference between a 4 ohm speaker and an 8 ohm speaker as far as how loud it gets isn't very noticable . Speaker area makes way more difference than impedance as far as volume goes . Also it won't hurt your amp at all , your amp is rated down to 2 ohms and with the 8 ohm cab you won't even be that low .

    Try it before you completely dismiss it as unmatched .
  16. Well that's true, there are two 10's in parallel in the combo. So now there will be three eight ohm speakers in parallel.

    Still, the combo itself --those two speakers as a unit--will be getting more power than the single 15, which IMHO would be less than optimum. Nevertheless, I do agree that it's worth a try.
  17. JakesC


    Jun 7, 2011
    I replaced the driver in the cabinet...long story, got a 4ohm BW replacement basket and replaced the magnet with a a brand new 4 ohm BW magnet. I also replaced wire and jack so everything is new on the cabinet as far as sound signal goes. For some reason I am getting low power and a distortion sound when plugged into my combo. I have also tried different speaker wirte and a different head and got the same sound.
    I suspect (?) I need to place foam tape on the bottom side of the speaker's outside rim as the replacement had it on the front. Not totally sure though. I have looked at eveything, made sure wires are in the right spot. The cabinet has not been in altered in any way from a structural standpoint. I am getting ready to take it in for a pro to look at but thought I would check here first.
    Anyone have an idea what may be wrong with this or what I may have missed?

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