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peavey 2x15 bass cab

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by kitcar765, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. i am going to buy a peavey 2x15 bass cab
    i currently have an ashdown 1x15 307watt bass combo with a 400watt eminence speaker (some d**k put an active bass into the passive input an it distroyed the ashdown 15" blueline speaker) anyway the new eminence speaker is 8ohms and the peavey cab is 4 ohms can i run the peavey cab (which is 4 ohms) as well as my emience speaker (which is 8ohms) without distroying my ashdown bass amp (minimum output 4 ohms)? im normaly pretty good with technical stuff but i rather get someone who actualy knows what there dooing to have a say first.
  2. No you can't, that will give a 2,67 ohm load (if I'm correct)

  3. thanks its a bit of a shame i wanted 3x15" to give that massive fat bass sound i think i will still get the peavey bass cab and just unplug the eminemnce speaker just becouse th elarge cab would look realy cool on stage
  4. Massive cabs look ace, ive uesd my 410 ontop of my 215 lots of times, those peavey 215's are damned amazing :D
  5. yeah damb right! i love the idea of standing infront of massive cabs pumping out huge volume.
  6. I like the peavey black widow 15,s much better than the scorpions.
  7. Ive never tried the scorpions, but the BW's are just damned nice :D :D
  8. if you ever see the catalog that peavey used to send out about the black widow drivers, man are their crap loads of different offshoots of that speaker. my guitarist step dad has one and their has to be about 15 different versions of that speaker all with a little different rating here and thier, this should be use for that and so on. I know one thing peavey does their stuff right, when it comes to things like that. now their footswitchs are a different story