Peavey 412 for cheap, but I have my doubts.. Tear it up?

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    OK this one is on the bay right now. BUT! It's so big! And I was searching for a smaller cabinet. I really love to play on a Mark IV with 2x 15" black widow speakers. We just don't have the space to take it with us to all the gigs. My band doesn't have it's own car. I've got my own Peavey Mark IV, but I'm searching for a better cabinet for it.

    I think it will sound so sweet! And cheap 175 euro, 200 dollars.

    My other option is to build my own cabinet. My dad did this back in his days and he's pretty OK at it. Now my question would be: what to do?! I really like those 15" BW speakers.

    Is it possible to buy the cabinet and make 2x a 212 out of it? I will have 4x 12" speakers for cheap.. Can we make the cabinets smaller with tunnels inside the cabinet? We will have help from a speakershop (which also builds hifi speakers).

    I'm open for suggestions!

    PS. that speaker on the left side, is that an original BW? The cabinet is a bit damaged said the seller.
    And it is a bass cabinet, right?
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    Mar 6, 2005
    Hard to tell just from this picture if it's a Black Widow or not, but at the very least it appears to have had the dust cap replaced with a paper one.

    For that price there's a lot of things you could do and using the drivers to make a couple of 212 cabs would be definitely a worthy home project because that is still one big heavy cabinet!
  3. Bumpidity for any input and a last question.

    Are all Black Widow speakers designed for bass? Or like this thread said: