Peavey Bass amp. MarkIII

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  1. I whould like too know some about a Peavey MarkIII Top Bass amplifier, I know it got 150W at 4 ohms, which is good, with it there is a box with one 15" and 2 10" speakers.

    If anyone know something about it, please wright as soon as possible. Thanks / Johan
  2. CYoung


    Nov 30, 2000
    Gainesville, FL
    Ok, first, check these out:

    For the amp:

    For the cabinet:

    Hmm, sounds like a 1516 series, but I could not find a manual. These usually had a Black Widow 15" speaker and two 8" speakers.

    I have a Mark IV head and I have used the larger 1820 cabs before. They have the usual Peavey sound, are built like tanks, but not the clearest or cleanest sound. I will admit to being a bit of a Peavey geek (peavey bass, amps, and speakers!) and I like their gear, especially when you need a good value.