Peavey Cab: 215 or 412?

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  1. Another "Tell me what to do" question. But hey, it's a forum, why not!

    Peavey allegedly rates their speakers liberally. I've got a 300 watt tube amp I've decided I'm going to keep (I thought there was a problem, and got antsey!)... and I'm using a 215C cab loaded with BE 1504s. I have opportunity to pick up a 412 TXF for cheep, but the BW15s I have are rated 350 "rms" each, for a total of 700 "rms".

    The TXF is only rated at 600 "rms".

    I'm answering my own question, right?
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    That 412TXF will knock your nuts off....I dont know anything about that 215 cab, but I wouldnt trade my Peavey 412txf for any 215 of any brand..or any 4x10 cab either for that matter...if you dont want that 412, have 'em ship it to me!:hyper: ...they are getting rare
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    You can't go by that alone. For one thing, that's likely only the thermal power rating - says nothing about excursion limits. Or frequency response for that matter. For another thing, there's only 100 watts RMS difference between the two - not that significant. Focus more on tone...

    It's not that cut and dried. The 4x12 cab offers more speaker cone area. Personally, I'd take a good 4x12 over a good 2x15 any day of the week... :meh:

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    I played through a freinds rig, SVT-CL into a Peavey 4x12. Fantastic. I've never been a fan of 215's, but 412's is something to write home about, and that's my .02 cents.
  5. Ive had the peavey 412 and if you get it I hope you have a good back and dont mind not having one when your done. this thing weight 160 pounds and isnt easy to lift. And to me in order to get a tone out of you really need to be pushing alot og power to it. When I was using my Tmax at 350 watts it didnt cut it.
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    Yes, the 412TXF does weigh a ton (like a 215 wouldn't? Casters are necessary on the 412TXF) Everything Peavey makes weighs a ton, doesn't it? LOL... Nonetheless, I have had my TMAX running my 412 for years and it has more than enough power to handle any place and any band Ive played with..In fact, I used to have a 410 cabinet running with the 412 off the TMAX, and the band asked me to unplug the 410 cause the bass overwhelming...LOL. But Ive had no trouble playing a large club with the TMAX and the 412, and many times I was not even going thru the PA. But now that you mention it, maybe 1000 watts feeding that 412 IS a good idea? :eek:
  7. Thanks for the heads-up. I weigh only 142 or so (I'm working on that!), but I'm all rubber bands and don't mind too much! And with wheels, it'll be alright. It's smaller in size than my 215C, which is good for footprint in the van for our trips to Block Island. For power I'm using a 300 watt tube head, so I think it'll be alright.

    At this point, sound / tone is everything. I've been a piece down the Road to Convenience, and it just ain't the same!
  8. Heh. Except for My Dyna-Bass Unity, yes indeed!

    Nobody hates headroom! I just hope the 300T doesn't beat the crap out of the speakers.
  9. I have a Peavey 215D BW, amazing cab. Dont know about the one you are looking at tho.

    I have played a peavey 412, and didnt like it. Was really dark and muddy sounding IMO (compared to the 215 which was pretty bright and punchy sounding)
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    There you go, Rog! Perfect for reggae!
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    i've owned and gigged both. the 412 is a monster in the low end department. i used to routinely bridge a 1200 watt amp on it with a groove tubes preamp. between the two the 215 is by far the better sounding cab imo. and it's lighter. made out of ply, the 412 is particle board. the 412 is pretty mid scooped and gets lost in a mix pretty easy in spite of the fact that is capable of huge volume. the 215 isn't quite as deep but better balanced and requires 1/4 of the power to punch through the mix.

    160 pounds. the specs are not exagerated. quite a hassle to load in the back of a truck by yourself. the bulkiness makes it feel like 300. i can't believe that i dragged one of those around for over a year.
  12. Heh-heh... yeah, and the price is right...

    I've seen that 215D, and wish I had one!... more internal volume than the 215C, which I have here. I'll find it if I keep looking. Anyhoo, I'd probably only keep the 412 for the summer, then haul it off back to Craigslist! I do not actually desire to carry around something that weighs like a baby elephant. But it might be convenient size-wise. Smaller footprint, as I menitoned.

    I'll go play it if it's still available, and see. Thanks for all the informed replies guys.
  13. yeah I think the 412 was the cause of my hernia that I discovered 2 years after I had it.