Peavey Centurion MkIII

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  1. What do you guys know about them.

    I know mine was bulit in 1978.

    I also a have a 2x15 peavey cab (with loaded with peavey scorpions)

    Thnnx in advance :D
  2. jamminji


    Mar 22, 2002
    If it is the same one I had years ago. It was a decent smallish head. I biamped it with a BH-400 Peavey. I used the Centurion for the highs and the 400 for the lows because the 400 had more watts. I think you can find a manual for it on the peavey site. I think it had about 120 - 130Watts at 4ohms. Which would mean only about 80-100watts at 8ohms. But for it's time it had alot of flexibility with In's and Out's.

  3. After my parents bought me and my brother a Basic 40 back in '84, I paid for my own stack in '88. I got the Mark IV with the 215BW and that rocked! I still like the way they sound together...I also run other heads through the cab and they sound great. As a matter of fact, I picked up a spare Mark IV head @ the House of Guitars (Rochester) while home on leave a few years ago to add more umpth when bi-amping....
  4. Thanx guys