Peavey Cirrius 5-string

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  1. Mikael Roslund

    Mikael Roslund

    Jun 21, 2020
    Hi all
    I´m hoping that some one on this forum can help me out.
    I´m about to buy a Peavey Cirrius. But I cant find any picture on google that matches the one i got from the seller. Can any body help me to identify if this is the real thing? IMG_0559.JPG
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  2. Looks OK from what you posted.
    Does it have an S/N stamped into the wood on the back of the headstock?
  3. Mikael Roslund

    Mikael Roslund

    Jun 21, 2020
    Hello Bill
    Thanks for the reply!
    Yes the serial is pressed/stamped in to the headstock, not colored. I have mailed the serial to Peavey to check with them to.

  4. songwriter21

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    Jul 31, 2005
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    That's a later US model, made at least in 2005-2006 until '10. Before this period, instead of Hartley Peavey's signature/script logo (like on your headstock), Peavey just had the slanted futuristic company logo.
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  5. OK, PV should be able to give you the build date, woods used and any options it had.
    There is a long running US Cirrus thread you might enjoy reading.
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