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PEAVEY CIRRUS 5 or G&L 2500 USA which one???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by LowFreakuency, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Peavey Cirrus 5

    30 vote(s)
  2. G&L 2500 USA

    34 vote(s)
  1. LowFreakuency


    Feb 1, 2005
    I've narrowed it down to these two. I am looking at a Cirrus 5 with Walnut body and Bubinga top and also a G&L 2500 USA with a Maple neck & fret board and a Quilted Maple top. Both instruments look great.

    Unfortunately I can't play either one because they are not local. I'm moving from a 4 to a 5'r. I play a wide variety of tunes (New Country, Pop, Classic Rock, Finger Funk, Etc.) with my fingers and at times a pick. I'm not really a slapper.
    It's a tough choice. What do ya think?
  2. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    I don't know about everybody else, but I'm playing New Country, Classic Rock, and Pop with fingers. On a Cirrus 5 with a walnut body and a bubinga top. Sometimes backup is a StingRay 5 with maple neck and board (similar, but not exactly the same as the L2500).

    I also had a Classic sunburst maple/maple L2500 on approval for a short period of time. I just didn't care for it very much. Neck didn't fit exactly right, and while versatile, I couldn't find a sound I liked. Plus it was nearly as heavy as the 'Ray.

    I couldn't ask for a better axe for the job than the Cirrus. I really like the neck on the Cirrus, almost as much as the neck on my MTD. But not quite. Plus the Cirrus offers a wider pallette of sounds than the L2500 did, at least for what I do. The SR and the L2500 are a bit too crisp for me, mostly because of the maple/maple, I think.

    Either is a great choice, but I'd pick the Cirrus over the L2500.
  3. LowFreakuency


    Feb 1, 2005
    How do they compare in weight?
  4. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Cirrus is notably lighter than the 'Ray (what isn't), and IIRC, somewhat lighter than the L2500 as well.

    Bathroom scale shows the Cirrus at under 10. 'Ray is almost a couple more. Been a while since I had the G&L, but I'd put it somewhere in between, and closer to the heavy side.

  5. Poon


    May 20, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    If you're note much of a slapper, I would defintely say go with the Cirrus. Although I've played several G&L's, I think the Cirrus is a better value especially used. You're not asking for my opinion of other basses, but I'd definitely look at Lakland 55-02's used as a competing bass with these.

  6. Mud Flaps

    Mud Flaps

    Feb 3, 2003
    Norton, MA
    I choose the Cirrus for one reason and one reason alone: String Spacing.

    IMO, the G&L is a superior bass in terms of tone and versatility. The L-2000 is one of the best basses on the market, the Cirrus has nothing on it for me.

    But, the string spacing on the L-2500 is so thin I can't play it. Therefore, I must go with the Cirrus.
  7. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Once you get used to the spacing (a few days tops) you will love it!!!


  8. I hope you let us know your final choice, but I say L2500.
  9. Most versatile bass award in my book.
  10. Deaj


    Aug 15, 2004
    Kingston, WA
    TheG&L will provide more versatilty by far. I'm goin' with the L2500
  11. I vote for the L-2500. That being said I even like the tribute version better than the cirrus. Much more versatility