For Sale Peavey Cirrus IV, First Prototype

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    I have for sale the first Peavey Cirrus 4 string prototype. I acquired the unloaded body in a trade years ago with a former Peavey employee and built it up with a Cirrus preamp, later changed to the current Millennium pre, late model ABM type bridge and generic Schaller type tuners that I had. Mike Powers (designer) played it for a several years in local jazz bands and pit orchestras.

    Peavey didn't have wood long enough for a 35" neck through and patched in a piece at the butt. There are a million screw holes under the bridge where different ones were tried. No Cirrus logo at the 12th fret or Cirrus on the peghead. Name either hadn't been chosen or parts were not available. No serial number and pencil lines on the back of the peghead where someone played "what if" with the shape.

    Flame redwood and maple with pau ferro fretboard. Neck is excellent, truss rod works as it should and there is virtuilly no fret wear. Back of the neck is the slick satin finish. It has been played a good bit and has a few minor dings. Currently strung BEAD.

    Holes for pots are oversize for the pots used on original prototype PCB which is dated 11-18-96 and is included.

    Detail pics taken when it was apart for cleaning.

    Price of $3000 is FIRM and includes a good Peavey rectangular case and shipping CONUS by USPS. Payment by Paypal. All lowball offers will be ignored. Sale in CONUS only.

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    GLWTS. This is a very special bass for us Peavey fans.
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