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    Nov 13, 2012
    San Diego, CA
    Up for your consideration, a US made Peavey Cirrus in walnut and maple. I recently picked it up and I absolutely love it. VFLs right, tight, and punchy, it can really pop out in the mix, plus she’s great for slap, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    This Cirrus is lightweight and built for speed and pizzazz, delivering quick cuts, growls, and barks. And though it may struggle a hair in the low and slow, groovey Motownesque stuff, really has just about all you want from a bass.

    The only issue for me is the dang 35” scale. I’ve tried a dozen times on a dozen basses, I’ve never really found the right fit in a 35”. So I’m offering her up for sale or trade, preferably trade (with cash from me?).

    I do enjoy it but I’m hoping for something that maybe fits me better. I mostly play a fretless 5, and want something I can sort of relax and jam out with, not have to be quite as focused on exact fretting. 4 or 5 string is ok (maaaaybe the right six), but I prefer fretted for this one, weight not a huge issue, and likely has to be less than 35” scale. I’d also entertain the right treble instrument, maybe a players gibson Paul or something. Mostly testing the waters, hit me up.


    • 35” scale
    • Walnut body
    • 5-piece walnut/maple neck
    • Highly figured Birdseye fretboard
    • 24 fret
    • Neck through construction
    • Top load bridge
    • 2 Peavey® USA VFL active humbucking pickups
    • Active preamp
    • Volume, pickup blend, bass, mid and treble controls with 10 dB boost/cut • Satin gold hardware
    • Brass Bridge
    • Adjustable string spacing
    • Made in USA
    • Weight not sure as I have no scale. It’s pretty light though. Compared to my 9.8 lb fretless, it feels maybe a couple pounds lighter. 8 to 9 lb range would be a safe bet.
    • a local sale/trade would be preferred but I’m open to shipping.


    D7847967-4F76-4C8C-98EA-FF93C9A7DB0E.jpeg 10660D67-2097-4ED0-BEEC-7DAB3427AC67.jpeg 501AC8E6-CF6C-47F8-99A3-66A56F613CF1.jpeg FC349003-FBEE-45EE-8B29-94663D275FD5.jpeg 2B7E60AE-89A0-4CEB-9D3A-89BD98A00E33.jpeg

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  2. cyclopsbookworm

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    Nov 13, 2012
    San Diego, CA
    Would also trade for a Demeter amp, Gibson les Paul, weird or one off builds. Mostly looking for fretted to balance with my fretless but may consider a fretless too.
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