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Peavey Classic 400

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ROCKBOBMEL_old, Feb 25, 2001.

  1. Has anyone had experience with the Peavey Classic 400 all tube (6-6550s) amp? Psycho- or Bob G.?
    I'm sniffing around for another tube head. There is a used one for $550.
  2. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis

    Dec 11, 1999
    ROCKBOBMEL, I use a Peavey Classic 400. I bought it new and love it. It has 8x6550 tubes in the power section. It's a fantastic amp. The two channels with switching is great (I always have two basses with me) so I set each channel up to get the best out of the basses that I have with me. I also like the straight ahead treble/mid/bass eq on each channel, no sliders with a million possibilities.
    If you're going to buy a used one make sure that the Chinese coke bottle type 6550's have been changed. This is the only change i've made to my Classic 400.
    I installed 8 new Sovtek 6550WE's into mine and re-biased the output (you must rebias the amp when changing the tubes). The Sovtek's have worked great for me, but there are a few other makes that will also work well.
    You don't need to change the pre-amp tubes they are fine and should last for years.
    I run my amp with a 4 OHM load driving two Peavey 410TXF 8 Ohm cabinets. You can not run the amp with a 2 Ohm load, only 4 or 8 Ohm. So if you wanted to run two 4 Ohm cabinets you will have problems.
    Just make sure the speaker cabinet(s) load is not less that 4 Ohms.
    Oh yea, it really helps if you've got someone to help you move this puppy around. It weighs 95 pounds.
  3. The seller says it has chinese coke bottles. He says he'll work with me. The math says that 8 6550s even at $25. = $200. I don't think he will subtract that from $550. Plus he is 335 miles away. So it looks like I'll pass on this one. Thanks Guys, Bob

    P.S. Psycho- Check out the SVT vintage with a 8-10 and a 9-10 cab on Ebay. You'll cream your jeans! I don't know how to forward pics on this thing.
  4. Then you WILL be like Geezer. It must be quite the experience to have THE stack behind you.

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