Peavey Combo 115 input/preamp trouble?

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  1. Any experience with this?
    I'm not certain what I paid for was part of a bigger load of old gear I went in on recently. It's sitting in my living room as something just to fiddle around on at home.
    It seemed alright for a couple of weeks...then one day last week, after I played at fairly low volume for about an hour, it became static-y sounding (like the sound of a dusty knob turning) and got quiet, and then cut out completely. I fiddled with the input gain pre & post knobs but got nothing. I turned it off and tried it again in an hour, and it seemed to work fine.
    Then today, I turned it on and got nothing. But when I fiddled with the pre-gain knob, it made a static-y sound (like a dusty knob) at first, and then the sound was working..but there was like a 'ping' of static at a regular interval ('pop-pop-pop-pop') that sounded almost 'digital' in a way.
    Any thoughts? I have some experience with soldering/de-soldering circuit boards if I knew what to it worth fixing? I'm not much of a fan of Peavey amps..I planned to sell it at some point.
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    The first thing to try would be to connect an instrument cable from patch in to patch out. If that fixes it, the jacks probably need cleaning.
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  3. you think i could do much good with a can of air-duster without sliding the amp out? Maybe I should open it up and air-dust everything...I really don't think it ever got used much, but it's at least like 20 years old.
  4. As has been suggested,clean the Pre Amp Out and Power Amp In sockets with some electronics cleaner and a 1/4 inch cable end and see if that might cure it's ills.
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  5. Hey, sorry it took a while to get back. So, I finally messed with this thing again and cleaned all the jacks on the front...nothing changed, and I tried to run a line from the 'Pre-amp Out' jack to my PA. At first, it didn't do anything..but when I wiggled the cable in the jack, then the sound stopped from the amp and went to the PA for a moment..and wiggling a plug in that jack seems to cause the same issues. Something's definitely up with that 'pre-amp out' jack...and turning the 'Post' knob is all static'y too.
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    You're right. Bad, bad Peavey! :eyebrow:
    Send me the hunk of junk, I'll take it off your hands....

    Why not take it into a tech and have it serviced? Considering you paid so little for it, even if you don't keep it you'll make more off it if it's working.

    Personally, Peavey especially the vintage made in USA amps are my particular choice of amps.... they last forever and take all the abuse you throw at them. The Combo was one of the best amps in its day, going head to head with any other brand...
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  7. is this one considered vintage yet? it's at least 20 years old.. :)
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    Ummmmm adolescent vintage I guess....;)
    Still, it's one of the last great Made in USA Peaveys and it really rocks. If you got it working you could even add a second 15" cab and it would shake walls in a very serious fashion. Good luck, keep us posted! :thumbsup:
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  9. i could maybe try to touch up the soldier joints along the front of the board...that thing weighs a ton, so i doubt i'd ship it anywhere..not sure it'd be worth paying anyone to fix it. If i can't get the amp to work, I guess I'd at least have that Black Widow in a cabinet...
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  10. If you can do the work yourself that would be great.Those two jacks sound like they are the issue and tidying up the solder joints should do it.If you want to take it somewhere and let someone else mess with it,Bill's Music in Catonsville is very familiar with Peavey gear and they've always been fair on price doing really good work.
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  11. i was just in there the other day...i'll call them and see what they think. They do always have a bunch of Peavey stuff in there.
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