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Peavey Discontinues Cirrus Line?!?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by IronSpatula, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. (Edit/Disclaimer: As of now, the official word from Peavey is that the Cirrus line has NOT been discontinued.)

    Over the past couple months, I have become somewhat obsessed with Cirrus basses. I did a lot of research, and played one, and ended up deciding that I HAD to have one. So I go into my local Peavey dealer to find out if they can order me my dream bass, the Tiger Eye 6, and the sales guy tells me that the entire Cirrus line has been DISCONTINUED!!!:eek: He asks his manager to make sure, and he agrees. Then he goes on to tell me that I should get a Warwick Rockbass or an LTD! What were they thinking?!! Please, somebody tell me this isn't true, or that I can still find one somewhere... :bawl:

    Hopefully these guys were trying to scam me or just didn't know what they were talking about...
  2. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    The word was that Oteil Burbridge was working with Peavey a while back.

    Maybe we're going to see the results of the collaboration.

    Out goes the Cirrus, in comes the OB-6!:D
  3. I think thats was a bad move if its true...

    IMO the Cirrus line was their best thing going.
  4. Mine too... Why would they discontinue something so good?
  5. Beats me, but you can ask Gibson and Fender the same thing. :p
  6. Thanks, I think I'll do that. I checked and apparently they're still available in the online peavey stores of several music stores, so either way I guess there's still hope...

    I still don't believe that guy was trying to get me to go for a $600 LTD or RockBass over a Cirrus.
  7. Rod Harder

    Rod Harder Supporting Member

    In my experience as a Guitar Dept manager of a Major Music Store for 3 years prior to my current job, I found the Cirrus basses to be a tough sell, although they were/are great basses.
    Here in Canada it had alot to do with the exchange rate, and the fact that it is MUCH easier for a "high end" company to have success with a "budget" line than it is for a company like Peavey who's reputation is for affordable, reliable gear that is notoriously lacking in prestige or snob appeal, to get consumers to buy into their high end products. Companies like Spector and MTD have a WAY easier time getting more market share by making more affordable basses that the average player can buy without selling a kidney, and people KNOW they make great basses, so they are more receptive to trying something new from brands like that.
    Peavey has the opposite reputation, it's seen as reliable, totally pedestrian gear, and it's a tough image to shake, for the most part people don't see Peavey as glamorous or having any real prestige at all.
    Up here in Canada Cirrus prices went from $1400-$2000 CDN to as much as $3500 CDN for a full blown top end Cirrus. People with that kind of $$$ to throw at a bass were MUCH more likely to buy a Dingwall, F Bass, or a Warwick or something else that had some "ooohhhh" factor to it.
    The USA Millenium basses were also great basses but again were very hard to sell up here because of the prices that Peavey was trying to sell these basses for.People just couldn't justify $1800 or more for a PEAVEY Bolt-On, no matter what it played and sounded like. I ended up selling 2 of these USA Millenium basses to fellow TB'ers for next to nothing; one went to Ryan Lunneborg (sp?) and I think that PhatBasstard bought one too, if I remember correctly.
    Just my $.02, so take it for what it's worth.....
  8. Darn those gear snobs...

    Well, I called the number on the Peavey ad, but no one's there after 5:00 CST. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow...
  9. I hope this rumor is true, in a perverse, selfish kind of way: I wouldn't mind picking up a Cirrus 6 on the cheap!
  10. Rod Harder

    Rod Harder Supporting Member

    You have to remember that only in the last 4-6 months have things somewhat equalized as far as US/CDN pricing is concerned. In fact, this January the exchange rate was nearly $1.60 CDN = $1.00 USD, and it had been at around 1.50 for quite a while before that. As for Vancouver, your city is MUCH more concerned with pricing parity than most of the rest of the Country, because Seattle is a day trip away. I know this for a fact since I am a rep for several major lines and I get phone calls from your area from dealers and end users alike when one of our products is disparately higher than a US price even when you factor in the exchange rate.
    The major retail stores in your area have to be more aware and proactive when it comes to competing with US suppliers, they simply have no choice.
    Add to this the HUGE price increase that Peavey implemented a couple years ago here in Canada and the bottom line is that alot of their products were not the amazing value they were once perceived as.
    Look at these two basses I just looked up on the the Musicians Friend site and a major Canadian dealer's online site;
    Cirrus 5 Quilt Top Tiger Eye: $2019.99 USD @ MF
    vs. $2834.99 CDN @ Canadian PV magnet site. This is a fair price difference, about a 1.40 exchange rate, but in January of this year the Cirrus would have cost over $3100 CDN at any Peavey dealer. At any rate, for $3000 of my hard earned dollars, I'll have Mike Kinal or Sheldon Dingwall build me something that is more unique and has some "ooohhh" factor, and is built to my tastes and preferences. I personally like the Cirrus basses, they look good, sound good and play very well, I just think that for the same amount of $$$, you have other more desirable options. Just my opinion, and my experience, so take it for what it's worth.
    Cheers, and have a good holiday......
  11. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    I posted a thread on the Peavey forum. I'll get back to you guys when I find something out.
  12. How the heck could they compare a Cirrus to a Rockbass?!

    -Hello, I would like to buy a car.
    -Sorry we don't have those, but you could buy this rowing boat instead.
  13. rcrimm

    rcrimm Commercial User

    Jun 20, 2000
    Meridian, MS USA
    Customer Service, Peavey Electronics
    The Cirrus Bass has not been discontinued. If one of our dealers is spreading this kind of rumor, please send me an email at rcrimm@peavey.com. I would like to discuss this with them.
  14. The shop you were at probably lost the Peavey line for the coming year or there are incentives to sell the other basses and were telling you an untruth. Let this be a lesson to never completely trust sales people especially when you don't know their motives, commission will make real assholes out of normally good people.
  15. Okay, so the Cirrus bass hasn't been discontinued by Peavey. So I guess by "discontinued" the sales guy meant the store will no longer carry the Cirrus in their stock.

    Like a typical commissioned salesman, this guy, rather then spell it out clearly - "WE no longer carry the Cirrus line IN THIS STORE", just says something vague and *technically* true - "They are discontinued", and leaves me with the impression that I just can't get one. Then, I guess in an effort to make a quick sale, he shows no effort to find out what I am looking for in a bass, and he tries to reccomend Rockbass and LTD, which are inferior IMO to the bass I already have, and Ernie Ball, which I realize is a good instrument but very different from what I am looking for. He tries to get me thinking they're "a better deal" - interesting, because the last time I went to the store THIS SAME GUY was telling me how great the Cirrus basses were and that they were a good buy, when they had one in stock.

    The funny thing is, if this guy had actually shown an interest in what I was looking for, rather than try to steer me toward the basses they had in stock, if he had actually spelled out the store's situation clearly and explicitly, I would respect him for his honesty and want to give him my business in the future. Maybe the store would have been able to order me the $2,000 bass I want, and maybe this guy would have gotten some sort of commission on the sale. But no, in his apparent eagerness to make money, he has pissed me off, and I will never give HIM ANY of my business, EVER!:spit:

    I kind of feel for this guy, actually. I used to work retail, so I know how corrupt it can be. Maybe he was really busy because it's almost Christmas; maybe his boss had been hounding him to sell more LTD, RockBass, and Ernie Ball. Maybe he needed to make a sale quick because someone in his family needed money. Maybe he thought I wasn't a serious buyer and that I was a waste of his time. But come on, at least ACT like you care about what your customer wants. Show SOME MINIMAL interest in what they're looking for in a bass. Don't assume they know nothing and need a $600 bass when they know plenty, want a $2,000 bass, can afford it, and are prepared to buy one! For crying out loud, the guy didn't even talk to me long enough to find out I was looking for a 6, he just pointed at the cheaper basses and said "give some of these a try!" Whatever.

    Now my only problem is that this store is the only Peavey dealer in the area. I do however know this other guy who works there, and he is actually OK. Maybe I will give him a call.

    And sorry for the rant...:rolleyes: :D :mad:
  16. Darn straight, man. I've been there. Actually, I was never commissioned, but I did work in a tropical fish store that relied on gimmicks and BS to sell stuff to customers. IMHO, that kind of disrespect toward other human beings is unacceptable, so I quit. I'd be much happier flipping burgers or cleaning toilets and sleeping soundly at night than getting paid more but knowing I filling the minds of others with untruth to get money.

    (Edit: DOH! I swear I just now saw that rule about qouting profanity...)
  17. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    I just wanted to say that I inquired about the Millennium being discontinued on the Peavey forum a while back and was told that it was not going anywhere. Lo and behold it was done away with. I hope that the Cirrus in not in any trouble of having the same fate.
  18. That's pretty normal in business. I once received assurance from an S&L that they were here to stay, and they were gone w/i a matter of months.

    Cirrus was introduced in 1997, and Peavey like many other companies makes frequent adjustments to their product line. Some pretty nice instruments have come and gone.

    But I'd be a little surprised if the Cirrus went away soon. MF recently added them, and Guitar World's Bass Guitar magazine just reviewed a Cirrus 5. I don't think Peavey would have sent them a Cirrus 5 to review if they were going to cancel the line any time soon.
  19. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Do us all a favor and send rcrimm an email with the name and address of the Peavey dealer that told you this. We don't need dealers spreading rumours like this, or the Cirrus will get discontinued, because people won't order them from music shops any more, because they think they are discontinued.

    This is a circular thing, and these things feed on themselves.
  20. notabob


    Sep 20, 2003
    cincinnati ohio
    what he said.
    i own a USA made peavey millennium and im actually kinda glad they had discontinued them. i dont understand why, but im glad. i wouldnt have paid the list of $1599 for the millennium, but i was happy to pay the $479 i paid. i guess thats why it was discontinued. people didnt want to pay that much money for a peavey. it is worth that money, i just dont have that kind of money and if i did i would have something with a cooler name on it.

    ebozz: do u know when exactly the millenniums were discontinued? im assuming i have one of the last ones being that mine was made on march 31, 2003. it'd just be interesting to know.

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