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  1. I took my 90's Foundation 5 to church last Sunday and it was buzzing up a storm due to all the lights on stage. I've noticed the Dyna Bass which looks like a Foundation body with active pickups and a preamp. If I picked up a 90's Dyna Bass, would it have the same neck profile and body as my 90's Foundation?

    Also, how quiet are the electronics? Would those active pickups be quiet on stage with all the lights?

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  3. I wish I could give a definite answer. My Foundation 5 dates from 94 and has a slim neck. 42mm nut,21mm thick at 3rd fret rising to 67mm wide at the 21st fret and 32mm thick at 16th fret. My Dyna 5 is from 91 but is the wide nut version so measures 44mm at the nut but same depth at 3rd fret of 21mm. It's narrower up at the 21st fret measuring 65mm but again 32mm deep. I can't say for sure if the Dyna 5 came in a thinner nut.

    When it comes to electrics, the Dyna bass preamp is a 20 odd year old design so hardly state of the art these days. With everything at 10 I hear plenty of hum from the Dynabass :-(

    @jurberg I'd suggest getting the Foundation checked for poor solder joints and look at decent shielding before buying another bass.Maybe see if you can borrow a noise gate pedal too,filter out the worst of it.

    Sorry I can't be of more help
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  4. I have a Peavey Foundation version without the active electronics, and it suffers the same malady. I just turn the volume down until I do not hear the hum and buzz and turn the amp up. It may be worse with the active electronics inj a Dyna from that era. Run it passive and see what happens. Good luck.
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    I don't know about neck size, but I think a solid shielding job will solve your problems, most likely. Or make sure you aren't sharing an circuit with the lights. That might help.
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    Ive never had a stage problem with buzz from lights etc etc in 26 years of using my '91 Dyna Bass through my Peavey MKIV Head and 1820 Cab. Im glad you seem to have it sorted out. Giff.
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  8. This seems to be a good place for dyna questions. I have had mine for 6 months or so now as I was trying to replace the foundation I stupidly sold at the end of the 90s. I have a bit of Buzz when the treble gets opened up. But that's the thing the sound is so bright I have the treble almost off. The best way i could describe it despite its age is "modern" I have difficulty finding the sound I want out of it as i have used P bass style basses for 28 years....Shame as it plays like a dream and is better constructed than my fury..... passive mode just seems to go all dull and active extremely bright. Great slap sound though.....
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    @Mark Andrew's a mod I've done to Dyna Basses you may like. It has the Active and Passive High controls working at the same time when in Active mode. When the knob is at center dentent the Passive High is turned half way down. I use this to control new string sizzle. In Passive it works normally. It's a subtle difference but works for me.

    Solder a jumper between the two pads where the Active/Passive switch wires solder in. If you are lucky one of the wire ends will be long enough to bend over to form the jumper. Have the Volume on the preamp turned off when you plug it up to test. Rude noises can result if you get the wrong ones.

    Dyna Jumper 2.jpg
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  10. Interesting thanks that may be just what it needs......
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