SOLD Peavey Foundation 4 made in USA all original w/ Hard Shell Case

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    Here is my Peavey Foundation 4 string bass guitar from the 1980's made in USA.
    Did a pro set up on it. Action is LOW like a Peavey Cirrus with ZERO fret noise. This bass took a set up nicely !!
    As you may know, the Super Ferrite pickups made by Peavey sound AMAZING. Like a jazz bass on steroids. Super GROWL. Punchy, articulate, quiet. Everything you'd want out of a passive bass.
    - Vintage 1980's Peavey Foundation bass guitar made in USA
    - All passive Super Ferrite pickups
    - Mohagony body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard. 34" scale, 21 frets. Jazz profile 1.5" nut
    - Nice, tight input jack.
    - New set up, LOW action, zero fret noise. Set up like a Cirrus. Uber low.
    - Truss rod turns like butter.
    - All 100% original. Original knobs
    - Deluxe Peavey Hard shell case. Center container for cords, picks, weed, etc.
    - Sounds nice and PUNCHY. Great all around bass for rock, jazz, funk, slap, everything...

    You will not be disappointed. The Peavey Foundation always delivers the goods at affordable prices.
    I ship same day. All sales final. I do my best to describe my items and photos are of the bass as it is now. $349 SHIPPED !! (Click on bottom 3 X's to see case)

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