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Peavey Fury 6 Opinions

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rick1906, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. rick1906


    Jun 6, 2002
    I want to break into playing 6 strings, and I'm looking for a decent 6 for CHEAP. Right now I only want to use it as a backup bass. What's everyone's opinions of the Peavey Fury 6? I've heard mixed reviews on Peaveys in general, so I'm interested in receiving feedback.

  2. Chapbass


    Dec 11, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    I haven't tried the fury line, but it doesn't look too bad...

    As far as mixed peavey reviews....the cirrus line i absolutely love (and i know quite a few others do around here as well), and the milleniums arent too bad either. I've played a few, they werent too bad except for the sam ash quality setup job they did on them (sarcasm). Well, i guess its not totally their fault, they have a lot of guitars to keep tabs on, but either way, the point is that it wasn't too bad at all.

    As far as affordable 6 stringers: the two 6's ive had were the yamaha john myung signature 6, as well as the older ibanez soundgear SR406. My opinions?

    SR406: very basic style (like most of the soundgear models), but it definitely got the job done. nothing really fancy sounding, but for the price, and especially for a bass that i bought for the sole purpose of getting used to more than 4 strings, it definitely did the job.

    JM signature: This bass had its pros and cons... Pros: definitely looks cool with the flame top (i had the red model), and the infinity style inlay on the fretboard. Sounds very JM ish, which can be a good thing depending on the style your playing. Cons: some people complain about the tighter string spacing, i love it. Tonal variations? what tonal variations? for the most part the EQ didnt really do all that much, especially in the treble ranges...never really found a good slap tone for it.

    Overally: I liked both of them, the yamaha being more of a specific style of music, where the ibanez is more rounded and less specialized.

    I know i kinda got off the peavey track, but figured since you were looking into a 6er id offer some opinions. Like i said ive never tried the peavey, but based on their other new basses, i can't see them being that bad.
  3. Chapbass


    Dec 11, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    BTW, i just saw in another post that Hondo8671 has a peavey fury 5, you might want to give him a PM, see what he thinks in case he doesnt see this post. I would think the fury 6 would be pretty much the same with a bigger neck (though i could be wrong, havent looked at the specs).

    hope it helps! :)
  4. modflea


    Apr 26, 2004
    Lafayette, LA
    Also check out AMS (American Musical Supply). I just got in my new catalog and the Fury 6s are on clearance for $369!!
  5. invisiman


    Feb 22, 2004
    I've owned my Peavey Fury 6 (blue) for a couple of months now, bought from AMS. Overall, I'm extremely satisified with it, although sometimes I yearn for a four string. I got it within two weeks of ordering it, and it had a most excellent setup, with extremely low action, with no fret buzz.

    It is capable of getting a wide variety of tones due to its nice onboard pre amp, as well, it also has a higher output than my last bass (Ibanez GSR200), so I don't need to crank to volume on my amp. String spacing may be tight for some poeple, but I find that it really only took me a few minutes to adjust, and slap playing is doable, if you're accurate enough. However, I think you'll find that this bass is an AMAZING tapper, it takes very little effort to tap the strings, and have it sound nice.

    Overall, I would recommend this bass to anyone looking for a sixer in this price range, but do keep in mind, this is the only sixer I've played when I say that.

    I hope that answers some of your questions!! :cool:

    P.S: In regards to the neck question, it is relativley wide, but it is extremely skinny(or atleast, it feels that way) , IMO. It's even skinnier than the neck on my Ibanez.
  6. Sincerely, I owned a peavey fury quilt top sunburst 6, and I can tell that, for that price, you have a very good bass guitar.
    3 band eq is great, the neck is easy playable, the overall bass is good, if you really want a cheap 6 go for it! :D

  7. two important points to make first:
    1. i work for peavey
    2. i am not much of a 6 player

    check out this thread about a guy who already picked up a fury 6 from AMS on clearance.

    i have a fury 6 in the lab at work that i have been playing for the last year and a half and it has taken me that long to adjust to playing a 6. i don't play it every day -- more like once a week -- and then i go home to 4s, so it's taken me a very long time to woodshed on the 6.

    despite all of that time, i've really come to enjoy it. it's not nearly as smooth as a cirrus 6, that is certain, but the neck is very comfortable and the bass is very well made in general. mine is a reject -- only one screw on the battery cover is threaded into the body -- so that's how it ended up in the lab. other than that, the hardware is very nice, the feel of the bass is quite comfortable, and the neck is very thin front-to-back. the string spacing is quite tight at 16mm. it took me forever to get used to it.

    the pickups are pretty nice (peavey VFL active) and preamp has a lot of variation in it, though it's not the most exceptional preamp i've played.

    BP gave the fury 4 a great review in their budget 4 shootout a few months ago.

    bottom line: for that kind of money, it's pretty hard to do better. and it's a pretty solid bass outside of the "for the money" construct.