Peavey Fury bass 5-string

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  1. I played one of these at a local music store a couple of weeks ago and liked it alot. I actually liked it better than the cirrus they had there. I was just wondering what your opinions were of these basses. I didn't get a chance to run it through a smaller practice amp (i plugged it into the SWR 8x10 they had), so I dunno how it would sound through my amp (i have a Behringer 1x12).

    I guess i should say what kind of music I would be playing on it, well I'm in the school band (pep-band and concert band), and my band plays 70's and 80's hard rock along with some of the newer metal (mudvayne, system of a down, flaw, ect..)
  2. Danny R.

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    Those are great basses, I learned to play in my old peavey fury and it has a great tone, they're great basses for the money:)