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Peavey G-Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sockdeluxe_mike, May 8, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I currently own a Peavey Forum 4-string bass, which I have always really liked, but relatively recently I've been especially looking at the G-Bass - the G-Bass actually looks quite similar to my Peavey Forum:

    [​IMG] (Except my one is in white, and came with a BadAss II!).

    Now, questions:

    1. Who owns these, and what experiences can you offer up (sound, reliability etc.)? I LOVE a lot of their finishes, and has made me consider refinishing my Peavey in some sort of sparkle.

    2. Would anybody possibly have one of these for sale, or (my original idea, and a little unlikely) POSSIBLY have a neck for this lying around spare, as I am thinking the neck pocket dimensions may be exactly the same?

    Cheers all!
  2. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    Tonally, they will be close with the G-Bass being a bit brighter. The biggest difference will be the neck and weight. The G-Bass is much lighter and has a thinner, Jazzlike neck.
  3. The G-Bass also has a graphite neck.
  4. They do have the same pickup, but otherwise the Forum and G bass are quite different. The G bass body is basswood compared to poplar or alder on the Forum. The body is also smaller with a slimer horn than the P bass style Forum body. The G bass has a different preamp (similar to Cirrus). The neck would be the biggest difference. The G bass neck is slim and narrow compared with the Forum.

    I think you are right that the necks might be swappable. It used to be that you could get a G bass for a little as $200 (which would be worth it for the neck alone), but those days are gone. They are still a bargain, but maybe not cheap enough to buy for just the neck. It is an interesting idea. I love the G bass neck, but don't really like the softer tone of the basswood.
  5. This is a useful response for me. I realise already that the body dimensions were different and already knew my Forum was made of ash (strangely enough, as I know some are at least made of alder) but I didn't realise the G-Bass was made of basswood and I was wondering what kind of preamp was in the G-Bass.

    Sad to learn that G-Bass's don't go for so cheap now, but I will DEFINITELY keep on looking and I still think they go for a pretty good price considering :) the G-Bass neck would I think look gorgeous on my Forum. Do you reckon the G-Bass uses a neck plate or not? My Forum has one.
  6. petch

    petch Supporting Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    Medina, Ohio
    Mine did not have a neck plate.
  7. I think the neck would fit, but you might need longer bolts due to the thickness of the neck plate. The early Foundation neck bolts might be the right size. I'd say go for it - a G bass neck on a Forum would be an awesome combination. You have got me wondering what a G bass neck would do to a Foundation S.
  8. milo


    Jul 22, 2004
    in 90's Bass player mag gave this bass very good score and best bass mark
  9. NOVAX


    Feb 7, 2009
    mine has washers-no neck plate
  10. smcd

    smcd Supporting Member

    Jun 28, 2009
    Boston, MA
    Depends what you mean by "cheap". You can find G-basses frequently priced around $300. Considering what you get for your money, that's crazy cheap for this bass.
  11. MTMTEX

    MTMTEX Supporting Member

    Apr 30, 2008
    austin tx.
    They can still be found pretty cheap. I have 2 of them, a black sparkle I found in a pawnshop for $180.00, and an ivory white one from GC for $275.00. I would love to turn one of them into a GV though.
  12. StuartV

    StuartV Finally figuring out what I really like Supporting Member

    Jul 27, 2006
    Manassas, VA
    Mine is posted for sale in the Classifieds.


    You can see a pretty decent picture of the back, if you want to see what the neck joint looks like. No neck plate. 4 bolts plus the hole for the neck micro-tilt adjustment.

    Another advantage of the G over the Forum is that the Peavey Millennium pre-amp is just about a drop-in replacement. I haven't done it to mine, but am thinking it about doing it to the G that I'm keeping. The Millennium pre is what comes in the Custom Shop Cirrus' and adds a sweepable mid-range frequency to the stock treble/mid/bass setup.

    The price on the pre-amp is supposedly $64 or so and it goes in with 2 simple mods: desoldering the pickup blend pot from the pre-amp board and simply removing it (since the G only has one pickup). And, drill the hole for the mid-range pot to be slightly larger, as the Millennium pre-amp has the mid-sweep and mid cut/boost as an all-in-one stacked pot, so the shaft is a little thicker than the pot shaft of the stock mid adjustment pot.

    I keep reading that this is a really nice upgrade and actually want to do it to both my G and my Cirrus 5.
  13. MNAirHead

    MNAirHead Supporting Member

    I've owned a few.. they're cheap enough not to fake..

    Gbass is brighter and more sustain.

    A Bquad is 10x the bass.. but about 4x more expensive.

    compare them to a Modulus Flea..

  14. MNAirHead

    MNAirHead Supporting Member

    Forgot.. feel invited to PM me with any questions etc.

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