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Peavey Grind Bass 4 BXP NTB

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by stoneroses, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. stoneroses


    Feb 29, 2004
    at $499 I would think that it is a bargain considering that it has the following:
    24 frets
    34 inch scale
    Passive humbucking pickups
    Mahogany neck with maple stringers
    Imbuya wings
    Neck-thru-body design
    Scalloped bottom horn .
    as for the sound,on first listen,my friend and I agreed that the AXL stingray clone which costs half as much actually sounded better.brighter,cleaner,more distinctive.
    the peavey was too warm and muddy.
    couldn't decide if it were the amp or our bias towards the brighter tone.
    has anyone had experience which these two basses?
  2. I don't have any experience with the AXL, but I have experience with the Grind NTB.

    If you find a nice one they're real good basses. The consistancy seems to be a problem though, so I would not recommend mail ordering one. And, I agree the tone is dark, but that's not a bad thing, it's a taste thing. The playabillity is unreal, the neck on mine is crazy thin.

    With some upgrades the Grind is real nice, check out my sound clips in the pickups forum. I replaced my stock pups with EMGs. Really brightend up the tone.
  3. I'm with the Stain here about the Grind NTB. You really should try some. I bought mine but went back and retried 5 others later. It seemed that the darker the wood, the heavier the instrument but the better the tone. It could be coincidence however. I've got the 5'er (dark wood) and it's got incredible tone in spite of being passive. And the neck is about the most playable 5 I've tried. I haven't done any upgrades other than my strings of choice. Might not have to with this one.

    Don't the BXP mixed up with the Grind NTB. The BXP is the bolt on and the NTB is the neck-thru.
  4. stoneroses


    Feb 29, 2004
    As a beginner,I always tell my self to stay away from fast necks aka thin necks.
    I theorize that building strong strechable fingers is a must during my bass formative months/years.
    i'll have problems reaching around in the future when someone hands me a thicker neck.
    but the price of the peavey is unreal that i'm sooo tempted to get one.
    The first thing ill do,if I ever do decide get one, is to change the stock pickups.
    what pickups would be recommended?
    would passive ones suffice or should the upgrade be accompanied by a switch to active pickups?
  5. I've never had anyone hand me a bass, but if it happend I'm sure I would get by.

    I recommend some EMGs to throw in there.

    I agree the price of the Peavey is great. I spent about $160 upgrading the pickups, and $380 for the bass. So $540 altogether for a killer 6 string.

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