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Peavey Grind NTB w/EMG Upgrades, Bass V-amp, and G**tar for Sale!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by AlmightyPancake, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Well, I've got myself a Winters Custom bass, and don't particularly need my old peavey NTB. So here's the rundown:

    Title: Peavey Grind NTB W/ EMG DCs and Active Preamp
    Condition: good
    Category: Music
    Details: Peavey Grind NTB purchased new in 2003. Has slight use, but stock pickups were upgraded to EMG Dual Coils and passive tone replaced with an EMG 2 band preamp. Easily adjustable, low action, great even output, excellent for slap and tap. Fingerstyle sounds very natural in a band situation, as does pick playing. Email at jedurs@wm.edu OR leave a message in this thread or PM.
    If you think you have a good trade offer-- preferably for a decent acoustic/electric guitar and/or a good inexpensive 60's japanese-made bass (the ones that go on ebay for like, 80 bucks) or a decent 6er, make me an offer!!!



    I'm looking for $330 USD SHIPPED to continental US in a padded gig bag. I will include original pickups and pots. It is currently tuned standard, but I plan on tuning it tenor fairly soon, and it sounds AWESOME tuned ADGC.


    The song "Slap Comp vs. Madthumbs" features the peavey tuned tenor as the front instrument going DIRECT into my soundcard with no EQing except that of the onboard pre. Slap Comp Round 2 is the same.

    Finally, I'm selling an Epiphone SG copy. It's very nice, cool purple finish and perfectly acceptable hardware. $125 shipped to Continental US.



    More pictures will be up wed. evening or sooner.
  2. picture bump.
  3. Couple of nibbles, but no serious offers... both prices dropped.
  4. velocraig


    Nov 1, 2003
    NE Georgia
    PM sent re: Peavey
  5. Final Bump.

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