Peavey Head, Sunn Cab Question

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  1. OK, I went to the store the other day with my bass and was looking to try out some heads and cabs. Well all the stores in my area suck for bass so they only had one head, and 2 cabs.

    The head was a Peavey Fire bass 700 watt head. Does anyone have any good/bad stories about this? Is it pretty decent or not? The guy said I could get it for $550. Is the price good, or should I definetly keep looking?

    The cab I played it through was a Sunn 4×10. As with the head, anyone have any stories or advice about this cab? The price on this was $450.

    Now I know you might say, did you like the tone? Well, I did, but I want to know if this is reliable equipment and if the price is good, or too expensive, or what. So any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. joel the bass player

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    Nov 27, 2000
    Omaha, NE
    The head is pretty reliable, and pretty powerful. If I remember correctly the price sounds about right, but you should still try to haggle a bit. The cab is on for $440.99. I am pretty sure that they are just eminenc drivers, same as the fender cab. By the pictures, it looks sturdy but I have never tried one yet. If they sound good to you and the price is right then get them.:)

  3. The original price on the sticker for the head was $750, and on the cab it was $629. I am pretty sure the store was assuming that the price would be lower than that though.
  4. some guy#2

    some guy#2

    Feb 3, 2001
    I am fairly sure the retail on the Firebass head should be $699.
    I could pick one up new at the local shop for $475.+ tax but alas am soon to acquire a 10 month old mint one for a good deal less.
    I've played one for a good bit through an Eden D-210XLT (a cab I own) & it sounded SWEET!
    Is it reliable? is sometimes useful for feedback. The guys that bothered to review it there LOVE IT!

    ***In order to get more juice from the amp from the get go consider buying a 4ohm cab***

    $550 is a little too much. Talk him down...ESPECIALLY if you're going to buy a cab from them also.

    Happy gear hunting,

    some guy#2