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  1. Looking for some advise on what a good price would be for a Peavey Series-400 700watt head would be?Saw one listed at $175.00 plus s/h.Is this a deal or should I keep looking? Thanks Much Tom
  2. CYoung


    Nov 30, 2000
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    Dude, we need more info. Usually, Peavey heads have a model number and then a series number.

    Based on your quoted price and the series 400 moniker, you are actually probably looking at a Peavey Mark IV, series 400 head. If so, it is NOT a 700 watt head. It is rated 130w@8ohms, 210w@4ohms, 300w@2ohms.

    Pros: good power, ddt compression, two channels, so you can dial in two separate sounds.
    Cons: not light, no way to easily switch between channels without a foot switch
  3. Sorry for the lack of info. The picture I have doesn't reveal a model number. It does say it is a "Power Module Peavey series-400" It has two speaker outputs that say 2 ohms @ 210 watts and by the powercord it says 700 watts. I'm not sure if that gives you enough info or not? The total price that is being asked is $175.00 plus $40.00 s/h. Sounds ok but not totally sure.