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Peavey Lo-Rider 18 for a bass cabinet?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Crescent Seven, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I've decided to build another cab, this time for a single 18. I *like* my PV1820, but I want to seperate the 18 from the 20, because the 10's don't do it for me in that box.
    I ran the BW 18 through winISD, and the response in a reasonably sized cab (36x26x22) is flat to 50hz with an f3 of 44hz.
    The Lo-Rider in the same sized enclosure runs flat to 38hz with an f3 of 32hz. Even in a smaller box (30x26x20) it's flat to about 48hz with an f3 of 35hz.
    Do any of you guys have experience with this driver? It's listed as a subwoofer, how do you think it will perform in a bass rig?
  2. My T/S numbers must be different than yours.

    Mine show the driver happy in 7.3 to 8.3 cubic feet, tuned around 29 ~ 34 Hz, depending upon alignment. Xmax is good, so is BL, and calculated sensitivity is about 96 SPL.

    If you like the way it sounds, and don't mind the cabinet size, it should work well for you.
  3. My biggest issue is, I need it to play low. I tune my 5 string ADADG, and while I'm satisfied with my PV1820, I don't think the 18 sounds as good as it could, and the 10" section doesn't sound good to me at all, even with Deltas in it. The reason I'm asking about this speaker is that I was initially going to replace the 4ohm BW driver with an 8ohm BW, but I came across this bad boy.
    I tinkered with the tuning and found that an 8cu.ft box tuned at 32 hz will produce 37hz f3. I can live with that.:D
  4. BassikLee

    BassikLee Commercial User

    Feb 13, 2004
    Deltona, FL
    Owner: Brevard Sound Systems
    I'd try the driver in the 1820 cab first and see. I don't know why PV ever put the BW 18 in that small a box, the low rider should do better. May not even have to build a new box. How are you running the cab now?? Do you use the built in, useless IMHO crossover?? I ask because I had one of the 1810 cabs. Same idea, slightly smaller box. I used to run a preamp with both full range and biamp outputs, into a stereo poweramp, and ran the 2x10 section full range, and the 18" section off the low out of the crossover. Yes, the 2x10 section is sealed, rolls off a little high. An SVT cab is really four sealed 2x10 sections, fwiw. I found that running the cab that way, even with the "way wrong for the box" BW 18, I got a relatively huge sound out of a smallish box.

    HTH, a little....

  5. I don't have any complaints with the cab until I try to play the really low stuff. For my 4 string tuned in E, it absolutely kills, but I just want it to go a little bit lower than it's willing to right now.
    My issue with the 10's is the high rolloff; the gap between where the 18 stops and the 10s start is where I really want to stand out. I took the Scorpion 10's out and put in the Delta's out of my Avatar, and it solved this a little bit, by lowering the crossover point to 250hz from 500hz, but I still want a seperate, vented, full range 2x10 box on top of a vented 18. That way I won't be depending on the 18 for the low-mid growl that I like.
    I found a Dayton 18" sub that goes lower than the Lo-Rider in a slightly smaller box, and costs about $40 less. I might go with that one.

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