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  1. trentyandy


    Nov 9, 2017
    Hey everyone, new bass player here! I just acquired a Peavey Mark IV (with 2x15 cab) from a friend and quickly found out that not having a foot switch would be an issue. I was trying to find one online but only came across old beaten foot switches or astronomically priced ones. I called Peavey CS and they directed me to to get a brand new one with the proprietary 6-pin DIN. At the time of this post it is $64.95 - which is still pricey, but at least it is new. I just wanted to post this because it took me a while to find that information regardless of several internet searches. Have a good one!
  2. Giffro

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    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    I bought my Peavey MKIV Head and 1820 Cab in mid 80's I believe, and have been gigging with it for close on 30 years. It did come with that 6pin din plugged foot switch. I initially used the foot switch for a week at most to change channel setups between A and B channels but found out for the next 30 years that I didn't really need it. Run the head without the foot switch as it really isnt of much use for normal operation of both channels in my opinion. I can see an advantage if you really do wish to swap channels and have Channel B for example setup with a different tonal setting for a certain sound through a solo passage of a song then click channel A back into the mix after the solo and run them both together again. The rig sounds great without a switch on its own using both A and B channels together so unless you plan on swapping channels in and out all the time you will need to find a pedal. Personally like I said..I loved the head pushing both channels out at the same time through the full range jack socket on the 1820 cab. Powerful and Thunderous. Occasionally the DDT compressor light would come on and stay on during a really loud song but overall it was deafening volume when that happened anyway and didn't detract from the overall sound. I used to set each individual channel up how I liked it at pretty loud volume at gig setup then just run the 2 channels together, as I found no point with my style of playing in changing channels during songs, but like I said I can see a use for the switch if you do intend to cut channels in and out. Best of luck in finding one. The pedal looks like it would do the job anyway with its 6 din plug. Have fun...its a great head.
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