SOLD Peavey Max Bass Preamp

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  1. Price:
    Very good condition with minor rack rash. No issues.

    Consider trade or partial trades for ADA MB-1, Roland SIP-301, GK 200RB/200RCB, Gallien 2001RBP, AMP SL-1, BBE BMAX-T. BBE 383, DBX 160A/160X, Ashly SC-50, Duncan SPB-1 or SPB-4, EMG GZR, Fender Pure Vintage 58 pup, some other rack mount preamps and power amps

    maxtop.JPG maxback.JPG maxface.JPG
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  2. hello
    is the tube channel a REAL tube channel or tube-simulation?

    thanks and cheers

  3. it's real tube.
  4. Thankyou!
    In the meanwhilei found the ONLY photo in web of the circuit board, and it’s visible the tube:

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  5. bluesrx


    Mar 31, 2006
    Lakeland, Fl.
    Outright sale?
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