Peavey Max preamp

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  1. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    what's going rate for these puppies used? What's the competition for a simple preamp with EQ, direct out, a crossover, and maybe a compressor. Not looking for something designed to cure world hunger, pretend to be a guitar player, or mask my sloppy intonation. All the new preamps I can find cost as much as a head, don't have crossovers, and clutter the front panel with distortion and effects.
  2. I'm super happy with mine. I paid $325 new from a local dealer. I've seen them on E-Bay anywhere from $150-$250 used. It's not the quietest pre-amp around but it's very flexible with both tube and solid state sections, cross-over, etc... I like to overdrive the tube side slightly (with almost no EQ) and combine it with the SS running pretty much flat (i cut a little @ 250 and give about a 1/4 turn up on the high shelving knob). I'm running mine with a Peavey DPC 1400X bridged mono into a 4ohm Acme Low B-4. This is what bass is supposed to sound like!:bassist:
  3. redneck2wild


    Nov 27, 2002
    Memphis, TN
    Sometimes you can find a used bass preamp one on or ebay.

    Right now there is a BBE Bass Preamp on for $79.99 and a ADA MB-1 Preamp for $179. Try a search for MB-1 to find the ADA preamp.

    The BBE has a compressor, crossover and the BBE circuit. The manual can still be found on the BBE website.

    The ADA MB-1 has a compressor, crossover, chorus, programmable 5 band semi parametric EQ, 2 effect loops and a low frequency limiter.
    It also has programmable tube and solid state preamp sections each with 5 voicings.
    Presets include simulations for different Amp/Cab setups.
    The manual can be found at:
    The best thing about the ADA MB-1 is that you can program different settings and control them through a MIDI pedal. You can even turn on/off the effects loops through MIDI.

    I have used the ADA MB-1 for years. I purchased mine new for around $700 in the early 90s.
  4. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    Yes, I found one on ebay starting at $150. No bids yet. I asked here because I only had one data point. Since this morning another appeared, with a few dings and such currently at $75 (but he wants $25 <cough> "shipping" - so they're really pretty close). I found that one just now when I went to look up the BBE stuff. No mention of condition on the zero bid unit.

    I've no experience with the BBE or the MB-1 but the ADA MP-1 was horribly noisy. High gain guitar amps are more prone to this though.
  5. K-Frog


    Feb 6, 2002
    Camden, AR, USA
    The competition, which may actually have no other competition at the same price is.....

    Yamaha PB-1

    You desribed it pretty well until you said "compressor". Built like a tank, quiet as a mouse.

  6. I have the Peavey Max preamp. I've been very happy with it through 3 seperate rigs.

    1. Peavey 410tvx and 115bvx
    2. Sunn 410h
    3. SWR workingman 210 and 115

    It has excellent sound, the built in crossover is a plus, it's a great preamp (and not for the price) I have a pratically new Ampeg svp-pro preamp that now serves as backup duty because I like the Peavey so much.
  7. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    What kind of noise are you getting with yours? Mine is very quiet. Could it be the tube that you're using that's causing the noise?
  8. Mine is quiet too. I've never noticed any noise.
  9. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    After missing about 3 Max preamps by a few bucks - I managed to snag a PB-1. You guys better be right or I'm gonna ... or I'm... probably gonna be dissapointed and lose a few bucks.

    I can live without a compressor. Hmm I see K-Frog is running this into a Carver PM1.5 too. You like?
  10. K-Frog


    Feb 6, 2002
    Camden, AR, USA
    yessiree, running one side(600w @ 4ohms) into a 112 and a 115 cab in my church. Plenty o power. The yamaha PB-1 is very hot! be very careful especially with the line out level.
  11. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    How is the headphone drive? I've been rather dissapointed with the headphone driving capability of my Korg PX1B.

    Also is the line out a direct out before gain and/or eq, or just a full range line out? I've found a couple of front panel pictures, but no rear panel pictures on internet. Is the line out balanced?
  12. K-Frog


    Feb 6, 2002
    Camden, AR, USA
    I don't know that I've ever used mine, I have the PX3B for that.

    It has a 1/4" line out for the power amp, and an XLR for the board. The level control is for the XLR. I think it's post eq.
    I can't remember too swell, mine's been plugged in and running for a while now. I don't use the crossover or effects loop or anything else.

    So, you haven't received yours yet?