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    0EABB677-A36B-439A-9BBF-C3279D4B343F.jpeg F7F7C16A-9B16-43E0-A2D3-5A3146AF2A19.jpeg CC2796CC-0CEC-4D20-89AA-C22EF5DF3754.jpeg B79074F1-E886-42DD-A577-F528B5C16D44.jpeg Peavey mega bass
    Peavey megabass bass amp 200 Watts x 2. 400 Watts total when bi amped. 2amps basically 1 for the highs 1for the lows. U send to have 1 15 and 2 10’s going. Works great. I forgot to take pics oof the power cord There are good demos just google peavey megabass.
    2 200watt amps can be bi-amped or bridged.
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