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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mikarre, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Thinking of getting a Peavey Microbass for a little practice amp. I used to have one and I thought it was decent for it's size and purpose, but I've read that the quality has gone downhill since they stopped making them in the US. Can anyone tell me if there are any glaring differences in quality and sound in the newer versions?

    Also, can anyone name any decent alternatives to the microbass with comparable size, power, and price? The Ashdown Perfect 10 looks cool but is a bit more cash.
  2. Can't say I've had any experience with the newer MB's, mine is fairly good tho.

    What about the ashdown After Eight? its a single 8", 15W RMS. NO experience again, bu reputable company, and you can always scout one out!

    what about fender bassmans? or the squires (yeugh).
    theres always Trace Elliot ;) , I think they have a 10" amp, but you might looking at some fair aount of dosh for one o' the. Could maybe pickup a trace in mint condition for $100 ish? maybe more less. there is a lotta gera on ebay! :smug:

    [edit] i believe harkte have practise amps too! :hyper:
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