Peavey Milestone 3 wiring assistance!

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    Aug 24, 2018
    Hi all. Wonder if someone may be able to help. Recently picked up a cheap Peavey Milestone 3 (not a bassist, just needed one to record some bits). Noticed the pots sounded a bit off and upon opening, someone appears to have made a mess of the wiring at some point. Now I’m by no mean a guitar wiring expert but I get the general gist and have no issues rewiring it. But I wondered if someone could clarify the correct schematic I need for it? I contacted Peavey who sent me a very crude diagram and also grabbed what seems to be an applicable one from the Seymour Duncan site - both are a bit different.

    I guess what I really need to know is, if I follow the Seymour Duncan wiring diagram will it pose any problems or should I follow the Peavey one? If so,anyone know how I may be able to get hold of a clearer diagram?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Only thing is, that wire colors are not universal, at all.
  3. @deadbunneh

    Follow the Peavey one. It'll take care of any potential phase/hum issues. 2 wire + ground on the Peavey drawing, just Hot and ground on the SD. What part concerns you ?

    White goes to centre lug for neck,red goes to centre lug for bridge. Bare/red goes to back of neck vol,bare/white goes back of bridge vol.
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    Aug 24, 2018
    Thanks kodiakblair. I think it's just from lack of experience and wanting to make sure I followed the Peavey one correctly - to make sure everything went to the right place. I've redrawn below - would you mind confirming if this is correct?

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  5. That's the spirit @deadbunneh :thumbsup: Only thing I can see is the 2 unused lugs on the volume pots,normally they get bent towards the back of the pot and soldered to the pot and the black wire linking the 3 pots.That's what the black dots on the Peavey drawing are trying to show :D
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    Aug 24, 2018
    Ah! See that's the area that threw me a little - and partly why my brain had to redraw just to make sure I knew what was going on. Thanks again - gonna tackle this on soon as my replacement pots arrive:)
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  7. Excellent @deadbunneh

    Never hurts to have a different pair of eyes take a look.

    BTW big :thumbsup: on the Milestone III. Folks often pass them by,judging only on the price tag. That's crazy,the Milestone series are perfectly acceptable basses.

    Strike that ! When you consider the slim neck,light weight and truss rod adjustment wheel the Milestone III steps up a couple of grades passed "acceptable" :) Solid bass for the task you have in mind :thumbsup:
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    Aug 24, 2018
    Thanks! Yeah I was really surprised with the Milestone when I played it. LOVE the thin fast neck - can't wait to find out how it actually sounds when all the pickups work correctly!
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