Peavey Millennium Plus V

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  1. Anyone else tried this bass? I saw one on the mall in a local store and tried it out. It's very unassuming; at first I thought it was just another midranged peavey... until I saw the beautiful birdseye maple neck.

    This bass has an awesome sound that really makes me want to own it. Slapping it was a joy and the action was incredibly smooth. I just wish I could justify spending $2500 CND on a bass when I already have a great 5 string that I love. Damn you world!
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    Jun 6, 2003
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    I have a 4-string Millennium which I love but was able to purchase it new (though a bit shop worn) for $500 US. I'm not sure how different the Plus model is but I doubt it amounts to a $1,000 US. Peavey stopped producing these guitars in the US and now markets a foreign-built (Korea, I think) model it calls the Millenium BXP which are much less expensive. There is a US-built Millenium on E-bay for a buy it now price of $529

    The description in the above auction is a fair description of the bass.

    There was a nice Millenium Plus that didn't attract any bids at a starting price of $599 when I checked the completed items.

    Bottom Line - nice instrument and that store probably has a lot of room to come down in price - maybe down to $1,000 Canadian or lower. Good Luck.