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Peavey Mini Max Head Thread

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by experimental bassist, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. 0E1D9AA4-D979-428D-833D-E6D9EDB2561A. 0E1D9AA4-D979-428D-833D-E6D9EDB2561A.
    My Mini Max rig at this weekend’s gig. I decided I didn’t need the pedalboard and just placed them on top of the amp. Worked just fine.

    I’ve recently upped the gain, and I’m liking the results. I’ve also bumped up the mids, and using the balance knob on my fretless I can get a couple of really good, and distinct tones.
    When rolled towards the neck pickup I get a really full, round tone. When rolled towards the bridge pickup it has a bit more clarity and Bite.

    Anyway, I enjoy seeing other people’s pictures so I thought I’d share.

    The pedals are(from right to left); Nady wireless, Micro Thumpinator, and TC spectracomp.
  2. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    Hah, thumpinator has a very obvious type of a casing but thanks for the confirmation.
    I just hooked up mine to a home rig and do like both the sound and options, so far. Compared to the old amp, there is more thump on note attack. The OC-2 is working better with the miniMax, I guess because of more power on tap.
    Fan does make a constant whoo sound but it is not louder than some well-ventilated PC or like an inside of a datacenter. It is a nice mechanical white-noise that gives strong "I'm working here." statement. I won't be forgetting to turn this one off when done practising.

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  3. Those settings would be LOUD.
  4. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    Hmm, I do not percieve it as loud even though it's plugged into 2x10 at 4ohm.
    Note that guitar is plugged into active input (and my Ibby BTB705 has a low output preamp).
    Then, there is also the room I'm in.
    I wont judge it until bringing it to band practice (at least).

    Interestingly enough, a friend that built the big amp in the picture (Redhead copy, valve pre, mosfet output going down to 2ohm) tok a look at the inside of the minimax and he had a lot of positive comments. Some of these:
    - its a propper class D with mosfet output
    - input filtering is done right (torus and EMI filter, which some Class D amps don't have)
    - psu is 800W, (has headroom?)
    - the symmetrical power for pre has twisted wires
    - power fets have separate cooling fins
    - preamp is well shielded to avoid noise from power section
    - wires on toroids are solid (not made of strands)
    - well laid out

    Seems like these are made to last. Just look at the metal-laced input jacks.
  5. I just picked up a fill in gig with a Cheap Trick tribute band for next Saturday. I don't play a 12 string bass, but I've been experimenting with the controls on the Mini Max, the TransTube and the Punch in particular. These along with some creative EQing are getting me a pretty good tone for this job. I've never really been one to play with any kind of dirt on my tone, I've always had a clean sound, but this job kind of required me to think outside the box a bit.

    I've really been impressed with the Mini Max. Over the past 28 years or so that I've been gigging, I haven't really focused so much on my tone, but the Mini Max is really quite versatile. I feel like I'm finally starting to dial in solid useable tones for my needs. Paired with the Schroeder 1210 it really sounds good, in a compact package.
  6. I
    It is certainly a good get the job done package. I also found the dirt very usable not originally my cup of tea a distorted bass but I find myself dialling in a bit of dirt nowadays even if the original song may not have had it. It was the crunch on the mini that persuaded me to get the V1 on my classic changed out for a higher gain tube as the mini actually had a better crunch prior to this. Good luck with the gig !!
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  7. After all that, I got the word yesterday that the bass player in the other band on the show has offered me the use of his rig (they’ll be on after us). So I decided to just play through his set up, that’s less gear for me to haul for a one set fill in show.

    I’ll have to wait and see what he’s got, and if he minds if I change any settings.

    This opportunity has helped me discover new aspects of the Mini Max though, and I’ll be able to continue to use that new knowledge with my regular band.
    We have a gig tonight, and I may dial in just a hair of dirt. (We’ll see)
  8. SickAura

    SickAura Let There Be Rock Supporting Member

    Dec 8, 2013
    I'd still bring the MiniMAX. It's not a lot to carry and gives you peace of mind with a head that you know. The other day I used the other bands gear as the bass player had a Mesa setup (Carbine/Powerhouse 410) - and thats a whole lot of expensive gear I wanted to try - well....that was a bad decision. I wrestled with my tone all night.
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  9. Indeed doesn't matter how good the backline is or apparently is I always take mini and just throw it on whatever cabs are present if it's a travel light occasion. Saves arsing around I always find and no extra hassle for soundman and no "you messed my eq" from the other band's :)
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  10. Good points. Thanks guys.
    I’ll bring the Mini Max just in case. I carry it in a double pistol case, and it also fits all needed cables AND my pedals.
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  11. OldFunBass


    Nov 5, 2016
    Ok, here is the deal. I recently ordered a new Peavey Mini Max, received it 8 days ago. I have never had such a dilemma with a piece of gear as I have had with this. I absolutely love everything about this thing except one. I love the power of it, and of course the compact and light weight of it. I love the EQ, and every day I play it I am loving more and more the different buttons/features on it. Some of them, like the bright switch, I don't think I will use, but still nice to have the option. I bought the amp to use as a backup gig amp and as a home practice amp. Liked the fact that it had an aux in so I can use it to learn songs off my MP3 at home. I got it for an awesome deal...MF had it at a reduced price of $307, plus I had a 15% coupon, plus free shipping and no tax. Total was $261 and change. What an incredible deal for an amp like this.
    EXCEPT...the fan. I had read lots of comments on here about the fan, but told myself that those folks must be sensitive, how bad can it be? Well, it is bad. Like, wind tunnel bad. It is mounted against the left side opening where it pulls in air and pushes across the amp and forces the air out the right side vents. As soon as you turn it on it comes on full speed with a whoosh and never lets up. I have tried to ignore it when I am using it at home, even moved the thing across the room as far as I could and bought a longer speaker cable to run back to the cab. But any thing I do, it is still loud. I have never encountered an amp fan that was this loud in 45 years of playing guitar and bass. Because I love everything else about this amp so much, it has caused me to be mad at Peavey for screwing things up so bad on such a minor item. C'mon Peavey, you are better than this!
    Because I just can't use it as a home practice amp with this noise, I am going to have to return it. But before I do that I thought I would ask if anyone has had any luck making any modifications to the fan to make it quieter but still kept the unit cool (replace fan, 2 speed, etc.)? I really would like to keep it, but know that I can't live with it as it is. I know mods would void the warranty, but would risk that if it made it quiet but still kept it cool.
    For what it is worth, if anyone is looking for only a gig/backup amp for bar/pub/party gigs, this thing is awesome and no better deal out there. The fan noise would not be an issue for you. Just know that for home use it is not usable.
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  12. Had the same experience and asked a few times if anyone has tips or reccomendations for a quieter fan not heard anything as yet. Am a little worried about comprising the cooling under gigging conditions so have not tampered yet. I am haunted by a mark bass that cooked itself regularly..... :)
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  13. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    Using tt boost with a pick usually solves the fan noise problem. (Smartass, sorry)
    It is usually not a problem unless someone is sleeping in the room.
    Is it a headphone only usage? Buy Sennheiser HD-25-1 ii.

    Ok, now the constructive part.
    The thing is 24V, 60x60x15mm (read that somewhere). To avoid sticking a thermistor in the wrong place, and possibly having unexpected parts overheat, one could remove original fan and attach a tunnel to the side with a larger fan that turns slower (might affect portability imho).
    Better idea, unscrew the top plate and perforate it for a 120mm fan. It is only unknown if it will fit under the plate.

    Update: With some crude low-res image editing tools I've measured that there might be only enough space for 100mm fan. The preamp RF shield and output PCB (XLR, Snd/Ret...) are in the way for 120mm.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2018
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  14. Pocket4

    Pocket4 Supporting Member

    Dec 9, 2013
    New Hampshire
    I'm sensitive in many ways, but the fan is no issue unless you are at bedroom volumes.
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  15. The solution for the fan noise that I am planning, is to build a larger old-school tube-head looking cabinet for the miniMax, with some noise abatement built in. It is too good of an amp to let go.
  16. I have had som gripes with the Minimax while playing my P-bass with flats. Regardless of how I set the EQ it sounded really sharp and in your face. A couple of days ago however I threw a set of rounds on the bass, and it works sooo much better through the Minimax. Really punch and fat, I can keep the volume really low and still cut through without problem. So I guess this amp really isn't made for flatwound strings =)
  17. 94A7FB07-0ADB-4846-A3E9-6A8F7D285739. C9220C4A-62E5-431F-967A-8A6B5F99A088. I played the Cheap Trick tribute show tonight. Thanks to you guys who gave me the advice of bringing my Mini Max even though the bass player from the other band offered the use of his rig.
    I plugged my Mini Max into his TC Electronic cabinet (on the bottom) and bypassed the combo on top. All three guys in the other band were very complimentary of my tone, separately.
    Thanks Mini Max.
    One thing is that the sound man said that the ground lift on my DI wasn’t working. Several others have said similar things. Looks like I’ll need to get it looked at.
  18. redneck2wild


    Nov 27, 2002
    Memphis, TN
    On my MiniMax, if the DI is set to Pre, the signal seems to be instrument level. It is possibly the same signal going into the MiniMax which is very weak if using a passive bass. When using the Pre setting, the ground lift does not seem to work.

    When the DI is set to Post, the signal is much stronger. The Post signal is affected by the EQ controls but it is NOT affected by the Volume control. My Post signal is strong enough to use going directly into a mixer or a power amp.
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  19. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    Instrument level, that sounds very wrong, shouldnt pre-eq be post-gain at least?

    Just tested for continuity the XLR ground (pin 1 & shield) against instrument (chasis, headphones, line-in) ground on mine by using cable I have stretched between my amp and mixer at home. Ground seemed to be permanently connected no matter the switch position. And I almost posted these findings yesterday, confirming that my ground does not lift either.

    But it would very odd for Peavey(anyone really) to screw up something like this so I moved forward and tested the XLR directly on the amp and voila, pin 1 does get lifted.
    Then I disassembled the XLR cable and noticed that it is a 2 wire + shield. Also, on each side of it, pin 1 is connected to chasis ground and than to shield. Now there's the problem, even if I wanted a hum-free operation it would not be possible because of the two things, shielding is connected to both ends of the cable and, there is no dedicated ground wire in the cable.

    @Esquillama, would you care testing your amp like this and come back with more reliable info (than what soundman said in the heat of the battle)?

    On a side note, could this low-quality cable problem be the culprit when few people on forum were complaining about the buzz from DI out. I had no large buzz at home but will check soon for any differences with a propperly wired XLR cable and ground in both states. One thing for sure, this cable will stay at home (I used to carry it with me to shows).
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
  20. I’m not sure I have the technical understanding to repeat your tests, sorry. All I know is, there have been several (separate) incidents where the DI on my Mini Max has been bypassed in favor of an external direct box to solve a buzz/hum issue, regardless of the lift being engaged or not. I wish I could give you more concrete information. I may just bring it to my local repair tech and see what he says.

    If all I need is a quality cable, that would be great, I’d happily buy one if it meant being trouble-free from then on.

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