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Peavey Mini Max Head Thread

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by experimental bassist, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. No probs hope you like and enjoy the amp!
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  2. well last night I had a buzz coming from my amp...but I have a wireless system might be that...might be a cord...not sure what it is...gotta run it down..I know its not the amp...when you turn on the tuner it goes away...
  3. well...the buzz issue..I thought it was my wireless unit not jiving well with my active bass so I eliminated the wireless out...sound guy says still a buzz. so now I am guess it IS the DI out...So I am going to buy a new DI box and see if that if the problem...I'm thinking yes...since everyone is having issues with their di coming from the back of the amp..It can't be anything else...I don't think...lol...I have nothing in between my bass and the amp as it is...any thoughts comments..?...lemme know...
    the buzz is more like a hum...but its there...
  4. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    There are also fancy black XLR connectors that do not make the connection to chasis, poorly soldered cables with shield connected to ground pin (because "that always works").

    Try plugging the fx send line into the mixer (if there are not too many electrical interferences around and mixer can accept that signal level). That is post-preamp by design but I've had a lower noise on that output (for home recording).
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  5. effects loop -> di box-> worked for me when I had issues with the di on the back of the amp

    If the amp is under two years, tis a free warranty repair.
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  6. I'll add that each of the 3 motherboards I've had in my minimax do sound a little different from one another. One one I notice the tuner more sensitive, and others the buttons and knobs do it a little differently- that kind of thing... I presume this is perfectly normal given variances between each component and build.
  7. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    That is interesting. Do you consifer yourself a person that notices minute-est details in audio? (ie. differences between pedal buffers or their interactions on pedalboard)
  8. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    Well, than it could be a difference that is not audible at pub level of noise (meant to say music)?
  9. It's definitely subtle, and will not change much at pub level. For me it was just a surprise that the settings I liked on the old board had to be modified a bit on the newer board. But these are small potatoes, and changes in weather, rooms, crowd, bandmates, etc will all have more effect than one capacitor or pot vs another.
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  10. So I have moaned and groaned about the fan so much so I resurrected my old Marshall (blasphemy on a Peavey thread but wait for it) 30w combo for fanless practice duty. In doing so replacing the long blown celestian with a 300w RMS faital and new insulation for the Marshall and Jack input with automatic switching. Ok ....it is asthmatic when used with the Marshall but you guessed it.... it makes a super cab for mini. I need it for a run of acoustic gigs next year....i just couldn't ditch the Marshall as it was my first amp all I need now is a "I wish I was a Peavey sticker " :) before the speaker boffins start I know it's probably not a perfect match to the cab but a tremendous improvement all the same .....its a 12 PR320 for those who care.... IMG_20180910_210440464.

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  11. Is anybody using, or tried a MiniMax with a Boom Bass Cab yet?
    Boom Bass Cabinets

    I'm thinking of switching from my Schroeder 1210FL to a Boom Bass Cab and wanted to hear some first-hand experience.

    Just curious.
  12. Had never heard of them but it's a great link... and some impressive figures....
  13. Assuming the boom cabs do what they say they do, it will sound good.
    But i don't have good experience with floor firing cabs. So I'd stick to the 112. For that price, though, I'd buy a bagend.
  14. Does anybody know if mini has a HPF built in? Surprising amount of headroom and usable volume when using it with my 210 yesterday. I have never been able to practice in our band with a 210 before with my other amps without a single 210 struggling badly. Mini was clean as a whistle....... There must be one in there can anyone confirm?

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  15. Wow, you really have the BASS knob maxed! Was that 210 originally part of a 210 & 115 mixed driver rig? If so, those might be mid-bass drivers in the 210, which would explain your previous inability to use it as a standalone cab.
  16. That is a result of a little rascal messing around with the amp..... That setting would be impossible to practice with...:) I didn't even notice that in the photo it's usually set at 12-2 o clock max....:)but yes that's the cab. Mini tended to get backup or head only gigs so until this week I had never tried it for practice (full band) as a stand alone with the 210. Just a few well monitored gigs. This week was a first and a welcome suprise :)

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  17. RoadRanger

    RoadRanger Supporting Member

    Feb 18, 2004
    NE CT
    Did you have the "psycho" button on?
  18. We are guilty of cross there discussions not had a problem with mini. I used it recently and for the first time with just a 210 and was pleasantly surprised by the headroom. My other amps have never been able to make a 210 cut at loud heavy rock volumes. Mini on the other hand did this surprising well and a cross thread discussion arose. My apologies. With psycho on using a small can was the first time I could really hear it actually working.....
  19. BasturdBlaster


    Feb 19, 2012
    Crandon WI

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