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Peavey Mini Max Head Thread

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by experimental bassist, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    Mine fell (in a bag) twice in a row off the 1x12 cab and the front protector rail got bent. Had to dissasemble half of the amp to get to tighten those screws after straightening it with a hammer.
    The case is seriously tough and I think the amp could have been even lighter if the case was of the poor-er quality.
    No complaints, just FYI.
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  2. SickAura

    SickAura Let There Be Rock Supporting Member

    Dec 8, 2013
    Wow a hammer huh?

    I bent one of those front protector rails after the amp got squished on the floor of the back seat of my car when the drivers seat auto adjusted it self backwards. :banghead:

    It wasn't too bad so I used a long screwdriver as a pry bar and a rag to prevent scratches and just bent it back into position.

    Looks good as new now - love these amps!
  3. ToS


    Mar 4, 2014
    Sorry, had to tighten the screws that hold the protector rail. The rail actually did not bend, seems like it was the screws and front panel a bit. I actually tried the same screwdriver idea but (politely) hammering the rail outwards was the only way.
    Lucky it was the input side, it took removing knobs, unscrewing connectors, removing preamp protection plate, preamp itself and cooling fan.
    Even then, the angle was awkward on those screws and I could tell that the original assembly was proematic too as the screwheads were slightly stripped (large tightening force, not enough grip).
    Excellent amp, would love to know how much it weights in a plastic enclosure, for...you know....zcience and all.
  4. Just bought a new MiniMax yesterday.
    Running it through my old Peavey 410TX 8 ohm cabinet. (Rear tube ported, crossover removed).

    Great little amp! I was fairly sure I would like it, and I do.
    My MKIII Bass head AND my 90's white face Combo 115 BW are both in need of work and I'm doing a band reunion show in 3 weeks.
    Got a killer deal on it, too.

    I'm even starting to think about shedding all my old and heavy stuff.
    In my mid 50s, it just seems to weigh more every year.

  5. Thundar

    Thundar Living in sin at the Holiday Inn

    Cool old TX cab! I had two of those with a Peavey T-MAX...it was beast!
  6. lug


    Feb 11, 2005
    League City, Tx
    This was the exact same setup I was running. Just replaced the 410TX with a pair of TC RS212 cabs. I liked the 4X10TX but the TC cabs blow it away.
  7. Yeah man. These mini max heads sound the most like the mark xx heads I remember from the 80s. I had a Mark VIII head for 10+ years, but it was huge. I'm thrilled to have that Peavey sound in this small package.
  8. Been looking at the Headliner cabs again, with an eye to further downsizing (downweighting??).
    The 112 is smallest and cheapest, is the only one with a tweeter (piezo w/ on/off switch, so no crossover and the 12" is full range I guess) and the 12" is listed as being from Eminence.
    210 is middle size, weight, and price.
    115 is largest and heaviest and most expensive, but interestingly the speaker is a Sheffield model.

    I have a Sheffield 12" in my Peavey Express Transtube guitar combo, and I love that speaker.
    When I plugged a bass into it, the most glorious distorted bass sound I ever heard came out.
    Tried bass-->Express through every cab in the house and nothing sounded anywhere near as cool for distorted bass as that Sheffield.

    Planning a trip back to my dealer to try the MiniMax through a pair of the Headliner 115s, although I'm much more likely to go with a vertical pair of 210s for less weight, bulk, and money.
  9. matty1039


    Oct 26, 2015
    New Orleans
    Tell me about that bass!
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  10. Nice to see some activity on the mini max thread again. I too have been through the thought process of downsizing that often ends up being down weighting for the most part. I couldn't bring myself to ditch my entire TX series that other than old tired drivers were all fine. I went with top end neo drivers and am very happy with the results. The construction of the TX means this limits the weight savings but it is quite a price friendly option and leaves me with matching cabinets to all my older heads and to be honest an old 210tx with neos is nice and manageble. So much so I may consider a second. I had a tweeter protection circuit added also but not so sure if this was worth the cost. When the protection kicks in tweeter makes unpleasant noises....;)

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  11. dannnnn


    Nov 14, 2007
    Beaufort, SC
    if you can swing it, go for the PVH series cabinets. I had a headliner 210, and then got a PVH210 which sounded much better.

  12. Sorry--I don't TalkBass on weeknights, so replying a bit late.

    Matty1039: Bass is an LTD Viper 256.
    EB/SG style, but "squished" a bit so it's not symetrical.
    34" scale 5 piece maple and walnut neck, glued-in, rosewood fingerboard and Grover tuners.
    EMG-HZ passive humbuckers into EMG preamp with typical 3 band EQ, Vol, Blend.

    I see these once in a while selling in the $400-450 range, but got mine at a pawnshop for $80 because it's got a big "Zippo" logo (under my right forearm when playing) that's now covered by some black sticker material. It sure looks like a factory logo job--under the clear coat, no evidence of tampering. All I did was point at it, and the pawn guy dropped the price from $120 to $80.

    I did a makeover last year, making a pickguard based on Gibson's design but modded a bit to fit, and painted it copper.
    Dug out some oddball knobs and coppered them, as well as a homemade truss cover.
    Hand cut some trapezoid inlay stickers, too, as the neck came with dots. Dots don't belong on SGs.
    There's also a POW/MIA badge where a Gibson would have a headstock inlay.

    For an $80 bass with about $20 spent on cosmetics, it quickly became my #1 bass.
    Love everything about it, but I'll always wonder what it would sound like if the pickup placement was Gibsonic.

    Mark Andrew: After trying the Headliner cabs I can easily see myself just getting a pair of 210TX cabs on the cheap.
    Remove the crossover, patch the carpet, spray the grill, replace the rubber feet, done. As long as the drivers are okay, of course.

    dannnnn: I don't play for $$ often enough these days to justify the PVH series.
    When I test the Headliners there's every type of PVH cab sitting right there, and where I shop there's privacy if I want it and taking all day is no problem.
    (It's a VERY different kind of music store).
    Since I know I'll never buy one I didn't mention them, but you can bet I'm curious.
    Being able to recommend either series to friends based on their needs/tastes/budget will be useful.
    Just not looking forward to getting PVH GAS.
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  13. Glad your ok :)......We didn't even mention the Pro series. Being in the US I imagine you can pick those also up for peanuts. I have 2 of those cabs but never tried the 210 pro only the 410 and 115 pro. I have to admit I prefer the look of the TX and I like the scooped sound. But the drivers in the Pro are better , not as old ,take more power, the cabs are thinner lighter and the tweeter is crossed over a bit higher and has protection. Should you see one of those don't hesitate. I've found tx drivers are fairly stiff and brittle after almost thirty years so unfortunately mine benefitted from refreshing. Old speakers were usable though. The Chinese Models where shockingly insulated but sounded fine but think there are enough cost friendly US options. Added a pic of mini on the Pro series cabs ;) apologies if I posted this one already can never remember....
    Good luck with your search.

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  14. Mark Andrew, nice looking stack.
    Now you have me thinking about silver grills!

    I can appreciate a stage that has a fire extinguisher.
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  15. matty1039


    Oct 26, 2015
    New Orleans
    Great find. I have an infatuation with SG style basses. How does it balance and what is the weight?
  16. MiniMax Update: Been tweaking it while re-learning songs for my upcoming reunion show, and the Viper and Minimax are really working well together.
    Small EQ changes from flat make a decent amount of change. Everything has been in the "cut" direction so far, with the punch switch staying engaged and the mid shift at the 600hz setting. Bright off. TT Boost has been staying on, even with low preamp gain. Psycho-Acoustics on.
    Love the tuner--it's way more accurate than my pedal for bass, and my Snark clip-on has a wonky screen now so sometimes you can't read what's going on.
    Also love the combo speaker outs. As a vintage Peavey user I have four or five 1/4"-->1/4" speaker cables, so I was able to use the amp when I got home. Now that I've built one twistlock-->1/4" cable I still have spares that'll work fine.

    Still need to test the direct output for the noisy behavior others have reported.
    I have both a passive and an active tube DI but would prefer not to use them. Part of the attraction of this head is going minimal compared to the crazy 3 amp wall I've been using. MinimalMax!!
    My old Max rack preamp (2 channel tube/solid state that you can select or combine, with crossover of course) had a direct output that was loved my all engineers for sonic quality, but judged a bit hot. Hope this one sounds anywhere near as good. Going to have to dig around in the garage for my "problem solver" cables from when I ran sound for a living--all combinations of 1/4" TRS-->XLR--so I can run the DI output to a powered monitor that has a broken XLR input.
    Should be a valid test.

    I love this amp, chicken head knobs and all.
    It's the first brand new amp I've bought since 1978.

    Has anyone tried the new version that resembles the MiniMega?

    Matty1039: The Viper balances really well, and I have an Iceman that needed a lot of work to keep the headstock off the floor so I'm always very critical of bad balance.
    It's heavy to me--weighs more than 4 of my five other basses--about 9 pounds.
    What helps it compared to EB/SG Gibsons, Epiphones, and their strict copies is that the aforementioned "squish" of the body also included a "twist" that moved the upper half of the body closer to the headstock, AND the strap button is at the tip of the upper horn instead of the neck heel so it doesn't want to tip away from you.
    It feels real good, sitting or standing.

    A good friend who is a great rock bassist was visiting when I bought it. He's a Fender P Bass Special guy (P/J, Jazz neck) with a bunch of them, so had never given a second look or thought to Gibson style basses.
    He's been trying to find a Viper 256 like mine ever since.
    LTD made a Les Paul-ish bass series that's got all the same features and construction for those that swing that way, too.
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  17. matty1039


    Oct 26, 2015
    New Orleans
    Good info all the way around. I’ve had both the EB0 and EB3 Epiphones. They both had neck dive and pulled away. Glad to see that someone is trying to address those problems, unlike some people (looking at you Gibson.)

    I’ve been wanting to get s DI pedal but I haven’t pulled the trigger because the DI on the minimax has works well enough to do the job. I also think you are spot on with the EQ. I keep everything at noon and make minor adjustments from there.
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