Peavey Minimax into Hydrive 12 cab?

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  1. Hartke's Hydrive 12 is rated at 300 watts, with switchable 4/8/ohms. If I used the 8 ohm option would the Peavey Minimax and its 500/350 power rating be too much for said cab? Would be run through FOH PA at all times, mainly as a stage monitor. I'm thinking it would probably be OK, and I could use the same head for my bigger rig when needed, thus avoiding buying a combo or micro for our small stage gigs.
  2. You're golden. Just use your ears. I'm sure you won't be diming the head.
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  3. Thanks. Being from the Northeast myself, I always trust the opinion of goalies ;). Didn't want another combo, so I think this cab might be the way to go. I have an Avatar B115 now, and the sound guy is always telling me to turn down, so I'm not diming anything.
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  4. I have a pair of the Hydrive 112s. I could probably get away with using one at my gigs but I feel better with the two. If I start going thru the PA I'll consider going with one.
  5. I've read that the tolex covering tends to peel on these; have you had that experience?
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    I can't see the tolex peeling any worse than some Ampeg 810's, which come off in massive sheets. Just buy some covers and keep them on until you're ready to play. Also, you can use a 1000 watt head with a 100 watt cab if you manage volume properly. I run my 1001rbII (460w @8ohms) into an Ampeg svt210av (200w @8ohms) and never have a problem.
  7. Thank you! I was thinking about getting the much praised Hartke KB12, but not crazy about the combo vibe anymore.
  8. On one cab the tolex hasn't peeled or lifted at all. On the other a seam on back is starting to show and lift a bit. I'll get around to glueing it at some point.
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    I know it really does not matter too much, but Peavey Minimax is 300w at 8ohm, so you can feel "safer"
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