Peavey minimax woowoow

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    I ordered a minimax this weekend when I thought my head was dying. Happily my old head just needed a tube job. But I auditioned the Peavey out of respect and curiosity. Holy creep I love this Peavey head.
    I'll have to test it out a bit, but I think I might be using this a lot.

    Question- is the fan this loud on everybody else's minimax? It's really really loud! I can't use this on orchestra or theater gigs.

    And why doesn't every guitar center have these in stock? These are priced so low, everybody can buy one as a backup amp.
  2. The complaints about the fan have been common. But so has the love for the tone.
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  3. The fan alarmed me at first, but it has not been audible in live situations, and no one has ever mentioned it at a gig. In the bedroom, yes; practically speaking, it is a nonfactor in live venues where I have used it.
  4. Nothing wrong with fans in the bedroom. I guess when they applaud it's a bit distracting.
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    good one gluvhand
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    Dec 9, 2013
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    It's a heavy breather. Wouldn't kick it out of bed though.
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