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  1. telemike


    Jul 7, 2003
    A local shop has a new Peavey Minx 110 for $199 on clearance. They dropped the peavey line. Is this a good price for a 1x10, 30 watt bass amp? I know I can get an Electar 60 watt 1x12 from for the same price. Thanks.
  2. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    I've never played an "Electar" but if you asked me which one I want I'd take the Minx in an instant. That's not a bad price on a used one. I got mine used, like new from Ebay for 80 bucks so if that 199 is a sting on your wallet you may want to try being patient and watching Ebay/ the classifieds here for a while. Something really good might turn up. Minx is a good little practice amp though. I really enjoy mine.

    brad cook
  3. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    I paid $225 a couple of years ago for a Minx. I'd say it's a good price for a new one. The current production models actually make 50w if you have an 8 ohm extension cab.

    I've never seen the Electar, but the Peavey is a well built amp, and fills a certain role- small, highly portable, decent sound. I'd never consider the Minx for R&R against loud guitars but if you have several amps, the Minx could be one of them. Mine usually stays in the living room or goes for acoustic/quiet jams because it's so easy to carry.
  4. They are plentiful and sell for much less on eBay. The average on eBay is $104. I paid $110 for mine in nice shape.
  5. DWBass

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    Scroll down a bit and check out the wattage and pricing!
  6. DWBass

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  7. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    I have an older Minx110 from when I first started playing bass. The thing is rock solid and sounds surprisingly good for a practice amp. It's even loud enough to keep up with a couple acoustic guitars and/or piano. As far as practice amps go it's hard to beat the Minx110.
  8. Mine had a pretty nice tone to it, until my daughter's bassist blew out the driver. It won't do much for Low E and lower, but the rest sounds pretty good.

    It looks like an Emeince B102 might fit right into it.
  9. Blackbird

    Blackbird Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000

    I bought a used Minx 110 about 5 years ago at a pawn shop for $100. The thing's still working and sounding good after a lot of abuse. It's built like a tank.
  10. telemike


    Jul 7, 2003
    Has anyone played the Ashdown perfect-10? I like the features of the Behringer BX600 but I have heard the build quality is average. I would rather have something built tough like a Peavey.
    I have seen SWR LA-12's for about $210 too.
  11. telemike


    Jul 7, 2003
    Electar bass amp: $189.99

    Technical Specifications: Power Rating: 60W (RMS)
    Voltage: 115V (US)
    Plug End: US
    Speaker: Electar Labs 12” (8 ohm)
    Inputs: ¼” - Hi
    ¼” - Lo
    Channel Controls: Volume
    EQ Controls: High
    Notch Control
    Outputs: ¼” Headphone Out
    ¼” Line Out
    Effect SEND/RETURN
    Cabinet: MDF, Closed-Back, Ported and Tuned
    Dimensions: 478mm (W) x 328 mm (D) x 528mm (H)
    18.8” (W) x 13” (D) x ” 20.8” (H)
    Weight: 21kg (46 lbs)




  12. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    I own one. I highly endorse them!

  13. telemike


    Jul 7, 2003
    So, for around $225 or less I can get one of the following:

    - Peavey Minx 110
    - SWR LA12
    - Electar Spartan 60
    - Ashdown Perfect 10

    The only amp locally is the Peavey. Evedrthing else is mail order. ALthough I could drive 1-1/2 hours to go to a guitar center for the SWR LA12.
  14. telemike


    Jul 7, 2003


    35 Watts (8 Ohms) with internal speaker
    50 Watts (4 Ohms) when external cab is added
    DDT™ speaker protection
    10 inch Blue Marvel® speaker
    Post EQ effects loop
    Gain control
    Preamp output
    Power amp input
    Low, mid, and high EQ
    Headphone jack
  15. telemike


    Jul 7, 2003

    The Perfect TEn bass practice amp combines a 35 watt power section with a single 10" Ashdown BlueLine bass speaker. Sounds can be shaped quickly and intuitively using bass, middle and treble controls, supplemented by a pre-shaped 'deep' switch. A headphone output is provided for private practice along with an extension speaker output.
  16. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    I've played all the SWR LA series and haven't been impressed with any of them. I thought the tone was downright wretched personally.

    I wouldn't buy the Electar unless I'd played through it myself or unless I was hearing a lot of great raves about it. Neither is the case so I wouldn't even consider it personally.

    Someone around here has an Ashdown Perfect Ten I think. You could do a search in amps for it to see what their comments are. It's supposed to be a solid amp I think. If you decide to get one look around for a good price because they vary.

    brad cook
  17. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    Since I own one, I'll comment. I bought the amp JUST for practicing and for small low volume/acoustic type gigs. And for the portability of it. For this and after listening to it using my Tobias and Ibanez basses, it sounded good enough for me. I really didn't get into the 'sound shape' or 'tone'! I can control the tone from my bass! I just needed enough power to be heard while rehearsing! In any case, choose which ever amp suits your taste. Just do not 'not' buy an amp based on someone elses dislikes! I don't know anything about Elecktar! But all the rest of the manufacturers are top notch and have their own thing going for them. I will say that Peavey's last for frikkin' ever! I still have a TNT130 I bought in the early 80's that is still kickin' ass and has never not worked!
  18. telemike


    Jul 7, 2003
    The main features I am looking for:

    1. Sounds good with my cheap Washburn XB-102 bass.

    2. Has an effects loop

    3. I can plug my Roland Cube-15 into the effects return for my electric guitar.

    4. Has a line out to send to a direct box.
  19. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    Well, those requirements, eliminate the SWR LA Series amps. The Peavey Minx does have a send and return connection. Don't know about the other's.

    Here's more info for you.

    SWR LA Series Amps - no effects loop, no line out.
    Electar - yes effects loop, yes line out
    Johnson Amps - effects loop on 100w model only.
    Behringer - effects loop only on 30w model.
    yes effects loop, yes line out on 60w model.
    Peavey - Microbass -no effects loop, no line out.
    Minx -yes effects loop, yes line out.
    Ampeg - BA110 & BA112 - no effect loop, yes line out.
    Crate - BX50 - no effects loop, no line out
    Fender - Bassman 60 - yes effects loop, yes line out.
    Ibanez - SW65 - yes effects loop, yes line out
    Kustom - KBA65X - yes effects loop, yes line out.
    Rogue - RB-50B - yes effects loop, yes line out.

    Hope this helps!

    Peace :bassist:
  20. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    The Yorkvilles are nice but they don't have the required effect send/return feature he's looking for.