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Peavey Pro 500

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by nickelseye, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Ok, here's my review on the Peavey Pro 500. Most of you have probably seen my posts regarding this amp. I don't have much to add, except for last night's gig. I will post what I have already said, so it'll be in this review.

    I first tried this amp out at a gig, with a SWR goliath jr. III and sob...4 ohms total. 350 watts from the Pro 500. I didn't have much time to mess with the eq, so I basically ran it flat, with just a little boost on the lo-mids. Turned it on, and wow...incredible tone. It was tight, punchy, warm, and very clear. I had a ton of compliments about my tone.

    A week ago, I used the Pro 500 with an Aguilar GS212. (4ohm) This gave me the same wattage as the swr rig, 350 watts. Before gigging with this setup, I had plenty of time to mess around with the eq. Again, the sound was incredble. I now run pretty much all of the eq at the 1 o'clock position. This sounds incredibly tight, plenty of bottom end, smooth mids, and clear highs.

    I thought I would have an issue with the low wattage of this amp. It seems very loud for 350 watts. The pre and post gain have not clipped yet, I run them at aproximately 1 o'clock also. However, the DDT flashes alot. I'm not real experienced with this feature. I would appreciate some input on it.

    Ok, had a gig last night. I used the GS212 and the SWR goliath jr... 2.67 ohm load. Close to full output from the Pro...450 watts maybe? Also, this was a small club, so we chose not to use subs. IMO, this was the best I have ever sounded. Huge bottom end from the GS212, and sweet mids/highs from the SWR. I had the swr on the floor, wedged and aimed at my ears...sounded great, had some coupling from the floor, so it had plenty of booty as well. A few musician friends were at the club and told me that this was the best I have ever sounded. That was cool, especially when I thought the same. Also pretty cool, because the bass was all coming from my rig...as I didn't plug into the pa. The DDT was flashing again, kinda freaked me out.

    Tonight I'm using the same rig..wow I need to get going soon. I'm going to bring my Carvin DCM2000 and use that for the GS212, and power the 2x10 with the Peavey.

    Not the greatest review, I'm sure. If anyone has questions, fire away. I'll answer them the best I can. I'll give more detailed info on my eq settings if anyone wants them.

    One more thing, I've had a few pm's asking what amp I would compare it to. Well that's not easy to answer, as this a very versitile amp. I have been able to dial in a SVT sound, and a sound very close to SWR. The sound I gig with sounds similar to the Sunn 1200s...an amp I love. But I think the Pro sounds a little tighter, and more clear...at least the way I have it setup. The manual comes with some sample settings, they're fun to mess around with, but I have found a tone that works best for me.


    500W into 2 ohms
    350W @ 4 ohms
    3-band parametric EQ
    Tube preamp
    XLR outs
    Tuner send
    Footswitchable mute (manual also)
    SpeakonĀ® and 1/4" speaker outs
    Post EQ effects loop with wet/dry mix
    Balanced XLR output with pre/post EQ switch, ground lift, and level control

    25-3/4 lbs.
    19"W x 3-3/4"H x 12-3/4"D
  2. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    Do we have a few closet Peavey lovers in the house? :D ;)

  3. Yeah, come on out of the closet.
  4. Ok, very long post...sorry.

    Like mentioned before, I planned on powering the Aguilar GS212 with a Carvin DCM2000 power amp for Saturday's gig. I decided not to use the SWR...it was below zero that night and I was being lazy. Had it all hooked up and thought hmmm it doesn't sound that loud. The guitarist makes a comment, "sounds loud enough to me." :rolleyes:

    So I unhook the poweramp and try using the Peavey as the power source. Same thing. Then the guitarist yells out, maybe it's the battery. Doh! Why didn't i think of that? So I put in a fresh one, fire it up and boom...holy damn! All kinds of power, so much that I didn't even use the Carvin.

    I had an issue with the sound out front that night, meaning I couldn't hear the bass. The guitarist/sound guy wanted my stage rig to do most of the work. I'm against doing this because I like a low stage volume...that's a whole other topic. So to avoid an argument, I turned it up so the bass could be heard in the mix. The Pro really impressed me that night...and at 350 watts. So did the Aguilar, to carry that well over a pa. It sounded sweet out front, so good that I unhooked the DI (couldn't hear it anyway)

    This is where it gets good. A couple girls came up and asked if they could sit on the bass cabinet! :D So they're enjoying themselves while I played some extra runs,lol. I had to make the most of a good thing. The girls sat on my cabinet for about 7-8 songs and were walking kind of funny when they got up. I think this may have been the best compliment ever !

    So yeah, I'm still digging the Peavey Pro 500 !
  5. jazzercountry

    jazzercountry Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2000
    Las Vegas, NV
    Endorsing Artist: Lakland Basses
    I think that an Accugroove Whappo Grande 21" sub is in your future! :D

  6. Hehe yeah!! They'll be a line of girls waiting to sit on my Whappo! Umm that didn't sound good. Anyway, I'm sure the Mrs. wouldn't be impressed! :D
  7. Thanks for the cool review. This is my first post here, but I am a confirmed fan of Peavey bass amps and not ashamed to admit it.

    I hope one day to get an amp that sounds so good that chicks from the audience want to sit on my.....cabinet.

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