Peavey - Quality and Sound????

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  1. ThunderStik

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    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    Over the years I have played through alot of rigs and I never have really cared for peavey stuff, everything always had that "peavey roar" like a really screwed up eq. It has been more than 10 years ( I have been playing swr stuff for the last 5-6) since I have given any peavey stuff a thought. I was wondering if the sound of there stuff has gotten any better? I know their stuff is is built like a tank ( I did own one a long time ago) but sound wise have they made any progress? Im not here to offend anyone thats using their stuff but only checking to see if guys who have "moved on" have heard anything they like out of them.
  2. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    people talk a lot about their new stuff. IMO they progressed, especially recently. I think peaveys today are they best deal you can get (most bang for buck) since they are pretty cheap. I know quite a few people that use peaveys.
  3. The one thing I always liked about Peavey was that they were tough as tanks, US built, and priced realistically. But yeah, I know what you mean about the weird eq'ing. Peavey amps definitely have a weird midrange quality that is all their own. Some people like it, some people don't. They have progressed quite a ways over the years and make some really nice bass gear now for the money but only their bigger rigs sound good to my a head and 4X10 cab. The combos sound a bit nasally to me. They've always provided me with excellent customer service I should mention. I've never had problems getting parts or help with questions about really old Peavey gear I've owned. Another nice thing...Hartley Peavey is still the owner, unlike some companies I won't name who retain their name eventhough they've changed hands so many times.
  4. I don't own any Peavey amps, but the new ones I've played (head+cab) sound awesome. Probably good deals on them since their rep drags them down. Oh well, I pick up my $800 Peavey Cirrus bass next week; let people who like to waste $$ play boutique gear, NOTHING beats this instrument!

    I think Peavey's on the right track.....
  5. I've been using a T-Max head since '95 through a few different Peavey cabinets: two 410tx's and two 210txf's. I've found the tone of this amp to be excellent, very full and round, lots of warmth, and plenty of bite or growl on demand when desired.

    The tx cabinets were pretty decent, on a par with the older Eden 410T cab in my opinion and I preferred them to the SWR Goliath II's. The newer versions, both the txf and tvf (which I believe is basically the same cab with tolex instead of that nasty carpet stuff) are even better, in a lot of ways similar in tone to the Eden XLT cabs. They don't have the power handling or sensitivity, but they do have the lows and avoid that weird upper mid peak the SWR cabs have "built in". Bang for buck, among the best deals in bassdom.

    The head has seen continuous use and abuse for almost 7 years now, without the first sniffle or sneeze. This includes a stretch of time when I was the house bassist for a band on Bourbon St. in New Orleans, playing 6 hrs a night, 5 nights a week. It was even dropped one time from about 5 feet up onto a concrete floor, and continued to work perfectly. The cabs have never had the first bit of trouble, no blown speakers, no blown tweeters, no fried components.

    I actually had the money for either the Eden or SWR rig when I got the Peavey, but just couldn't justify spending twice or more money for what was essentially an equal product. Will I use anything else? Yes, eventually I will get something new (strongly considering Eden, as I really like their tone), but for the money, Peavey is very difficult to beat, tone and reliability wise.
  6. ThunderStik

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    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    There is no doubt it is good stuff for the buck, but if they would do something about that weird eq sound that no matter what you do you just cant get it quite right ( at least I never could ). I would love to use cheap gear ( price-wise) and still sound good, I think we all would love the "million dollar sound" for a grand.
  7. ThunderStik

    I know exactly what you mean I myself have the same feelings about Peavey. I play through a newer TNT at times and to be honest I hate the sound 98.3% of the time. it is very difficult to EQ and I think the chorus sounds awful not to mention some of the push button effects like contour etc.. However they are tough (unfortunately heavy), and they last a long time (I have owned 3 Peavey amps) so I like them for that reason and I would probably buy one for practices to cut down on size and price. Although sometimes I start to think it doesn't sound that bad and then I plug into my bass 350 and I am like ooooohhhyeahhhhh!
  8. Comparing a Peavey TNT and an SWR Bass 350 isn't exactly an apples to apples comparison, now is it??? :rolleyes:

    The TNT is basically an overgrown practice combo, the Bass 350 is a pro-level head. If you want a fair comparison, try the Bass 350 and a T-Max, or a Workingman's 15 and the TNT, eh? Then if you tell me the SWR sounds better to you than the Peavey, at least you'll be basing it on a fair comparison.
  9. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    I was thinking someone was going to say, "Now lets compare a Peavey Microbass, and a swr mo-bass with a Workingman's Tower.
  10. >Probably good deals on them since their rep drags them down.

    Peavey has always made very good gear that was realistically priced. Their gear has progressed from "very good" to "excellent" over the past few years and their prices have remained very reasonable.

    As others have said, Peavey gives the best bang for the buck.

  11. Totally agree with John Cote-

    The Peavey folks have listened to the buyers and put the money where it counts- in the sound, not in an ad campaign to boost themselves into the boutique market.

    I have owned and played huge Ampeg and SWR rigs in the past, and I am back with Peavey again- for good this time. I definitely think that the head/cabinet setups sound a lot better than the combo rigs, but please understand that I haven't played any of their very recent combo products.

    I'm personally tired of other players ripping on Peavey gear- So tired that in the past few months I took the badges off my cabs. I am absolutely amazed at the number of compliments I get on my sound now. It's pretty shi**y that so many musicians automatically write your sound off when they see a name badge on a product.

    There's my two cents.
  12. dgce


    Jun 17, 2001
    Massachusetts, USA
    I've played Peavey's for years. It was all I could afford. Then I got into Carvins. I find bang for the buck, Peaveys and Carvins are the way to go.

    As we all know, Peaveys are built well, priced right, made in the US, powerful output; but the tone wasn't that happening. A simple remedy was to get some sort of preamp thereby matching up more happing tonal variety with the Peavey's power. Well, times, they have-a changed. One of the posters above mentioned the T-Maxx head. I've tried 2 T-Maxx combos (2x10 and 1x15) and was blown away by the tone. This was a hybrid amp with both tube and solid state preamp. A blend control enabled either/or selection or a little of both tube and solid state preamps (as in Hartke, SWR, Trace Elliot [I think], even Carvin is doing it). Great amp. But Peavey discontinued them. WHY???

    Peavey now has this 700 watt (I think) monster that I fear may lack that hi-tech tone and versitilityof the T-Maxx. I think this is supposed to be their SVT head (so to speak). Has anybody tried one of these.

    Oh yeah, I think the new Peavey 4x10 cab are definately more happening than their old ones. I think this is their crack at Eden ported cabs; just a lot less expensive (Carvin has got theirs too). Has anyone done any taste tests to compare these cost-effective knockoffs to the real thing?

  13. Gard
    I wasn't "necessarily" directly comparing a Peavey TNT to an Swr bass 350. I was simply stating the fact that I personally begin to sometimes "think" I like the sound of the Peavey TNT but then I realize I don't truly like it when I plug into my bass 350 . It is more like I get used to the TNT sound if anything. Notice that i said I have owned 3 Peavey amps and I would probably buy another However I am not happy with the TNT. I don't mind some of their other stuff but I don't have as much experience with it to acurrately comment on.

    I also think a Rogue bass through a home stereo sounds worse through than a musicman through an eden stack. That isn't a fair comparision however it is true regardless.
  14. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    I have used Peavey stuff for many years, and still do. Right now I use 2 different pre-amps(solid state and tube) and love both of them for their individual qualities. I think Peavey can stand up to the elite brand names.

  15. ThunderStik

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    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    I want some of what your smokin ! (hehehe)
  16. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    I have some friends that host jams, and all the amps they have are peavey combos, except for one Fender Hot rod deluxe, and there are about 7-8 combos.
  17. Why do you call Peavey's cab a "knock-off to the real thing". Can only Eden make a ported 4x10, and if anyone else does it's a knock-off.

    Again, primo Peavey stuff will compare nicely with any brand of gear. Their cheap stuff on the other hand, isn't so good. But I bet it's still better than Crate and Rogue or Squire.

    Again, Peavey's a good value, I'm starting to really like and respect their company.....
  18. ThunderStik

    ThunderStik Guest

    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    We are not really talking about value though, mainly about sound quality. We all know their stuff is bulletproof and I do feel they are better than crate or the other stuff you mentioned. What "Primo" Peavey stuff are you talking about. Im not cuttin im just asking, what other stuff have you used ( not tried out) to compare it to? If you had an unlimited budget would there be a peice of peavey gear in your rig?
  19. Ryan L.

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    Aug 7, 2000
    West Fargo, ND
    I chose my Peavey Firebass2 head over a Gallien Krueger 1001rb, an Ampeg SVT 350 pro, and a Hartke 7000. Not that any of these are extremely high end heads, but each is pretty good in its own right. I just preferred the Peavey.

    As far as the unlimited budget goes, who knows what I would buy. I might stick with Peavey, I might not. If I could find me a like new condition Kilobass head, I would have it. All I can say is that my Peavey gear will hold its own against a lot of the "higher end" amps, including Eden and SWR, in terms of tone. And I am not bashing Eden or SWR, they make GREAT amps, I am just saying that Peavey also makes some damn good gear, at prices that don't make you take out a second mortgage.
  20. dgce


    Jun 17, 2001
    Massachusetts, USA