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Peavey Reactor Gu#t*r

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by blipndub, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. Tele copy, fab neck, great tone 200 clams. Anyone own one of these babies? Seems like a hella deal compared to the Standard tele, and plays like the American (neck). Peavey, US made built to last gear what do you think? My birthday's coming up and I think ol' blips getting himself a present!
  2. are you talking about guitars?
    those thin stringed things
  3. I know I know it's a sad fact that some of us like the six stringed little brother of big daddy.
    BTW just put a new set of flats on my Amer. Jazz and am wondering what i think of this brave new world...
  4. if you like the way it feels and sounds i say go for it
    how could you go wrong at that price, seeing that you probally are going to use it for recording i would just make sure it has a nice tone and doesn't make noise when you move the knobs or flip the switches. i have a squire strat (i can't believe i just said that) and it plays ok put the jack is crappy and if a move when recording i get static, always fun to start over.
    i would go to the store and give it a good beating to see how it stands up. i am guessing you are using it for recording because i can not see any reason for a bass player to own one of those tiny things other wise. :D

    have fun with your flats.
  5. Yeah recording for the most part and just playing for fun. I have this Brownsville Thug (i can't beleive i just said THAT) that has great tone but a terrible neck and I really dig the maple on the PV. BTW i won the Thug through the Sam Ashe website, not bad for free!

    Think I'm warming up to the flats, they still have that newness that i don't really like.
  6. Ok, just had to spread the news. Picked up the Peavey last night and just played and played when I got home.

    The tone is pure classic tele and the construction is excellent. maple neck is so smooth. If you're thinking about overpaying for a Fender (I've got two) than you should look into this underappreciated gem.

    As for the Fender flatwounds, they are too heavy and I'm replacing them with a 45-100 set set of Rotosound Jazz flats. Fender strings are just a waste of money.
  7. hey blipndub congrads on the peavy, the new issue of bass player has a small article about flats, you might want to find it before your next set.

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