SOLD Peavey Super Festival 800 Booster

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    Up for sale is my 1970s Peavey Super Festival Rooster. Cosmetically okay for it's age, though it hasn't been babied. Part of the Super Festival series of amps, it was paired with the F-800B or F-800G to make some loud amps even louder. These are slave amps, essentially stripping the preamps out of the other amps of the series and giving you just the power section. Recently I've been using it in conjunction with an Acoustic 360 pre-amp, and it sounds good and loud. Original cable is a bit ratty, and I can replace that if the buy prefers. VU meter works, as does the single knob, though there's a little bit of scratch as it turns. These amps are rated at 140w @ 8 ohm, 260w @ 4 ohm, and 410w @ 2 ohm. If you want some 70s Peavey, lead sled action, well, this here's your Huckleberry. I'd prefer a local deal, it'd be expensive to ship. I'm located in LA.

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    Price drop, $250!
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