SOLD Peavey T-40 - Natural - Vintage and in Excellent condition !

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    For sale a superb Peavey T-40 Bass guitar in a wonderful condition!!! I would easily rate the beauty at 9.5 out of 10 condition ! She was born in 1980 and needs a new home!

    Those basses are renowned for their versatility and that one has received new freshly installed DR Stainless steel strings and a set up. The action is set very low and the neck is super fast ! I have too many basses at the moment and that one will not get played as much as she deserves! Weight on my non-scientific scale is at 10.8 pounds, and she plays well when strapped on the shoulders!

    Check out the youtube video below and you will be amazed at the different Tone one can get from such a beautiful USA built instrument!

    Asking 499$ plus shipping, and comes with a bullet proof original Peavey case!!! PM for more questions. No trades please.

    peavey t-40 image. $_27 (1).JPG $_27 (2).JPG $_27 (3).JPG $_27.JPG View attachment 929719
    T40 tone settings.
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  2. More pictures below. My camera is not the best, and you can trust me about the beautiful grain in the wood on that beauty !!!

    The case is also in superb condition and bullet proof! PM's replied. No trades unless you have a Lakland US Custom 44-64 or a Lull T4. DSCN1938.JPG DSCN1939.JPG DSCN1940.JPG DSCN1941.JPG DSCN1943.JPG DSCN1946.JPG DSCN1948.JPG
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  3. All PM's replied.

    Still available and ready to rock!