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Peavey T-40

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by RobOtto, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. RobOtto


    Aug 15, 2002
    Denton, TX
    My local pawn/music shop just put one of these up on the wall. I was there with my roommate getting him a nice Orange Tornado, and decided to give the Peavey a run through while he tested out his geetar.

    I was very impressed. I had never heard of this particular bass before, but it sounded amazing. They were asking $250 w/ HSC and I probably would have bought it on the spot, but I got some tickets the other day so I am a little short on cash.

    Well I got home and read some reviews and all of them seem to be very positive. Most people claim to have spent around $200 and all of them talk about how heavy the things are.

    The one they had at the store was a clear finish with a black pickguard and that looks to be the most common setup. There is one on Ebay now that is black with a black pickguard and looks quite nice.


    Could anyone who has owned one of these or played one a fair bit drop some coments on them, pros and cons? Any comments are welcome.
  2. KPO2000

    KPO2000 Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Sep 5, 2001
    Congratulations. A Peavey T-40 was my first bass! I think it was maple. Very heavy but very rich tone. I had it and played it on and off exclusively for in HS and college.

    Enjoy it!
  3. lneal


    Apr 12, 2002
    Lee County, Alabama
    No comment.

    :eek: ;)
  4. RobOtto


    Aug 15, 2002
    Denton, TX
    Well I haven't shelled out the cash yet. I might wait on a black one to pop up. I'm glad to see another positive take on it though.
  5. chip80


    Sep 25, 2002
    I really like my T-20, if that helps at all.

  6. There's one in West St. Paul for $250 w/ohsc, too. It is natural ash with a black pickguard and it plays great, sounds great and must weigh 20 pounds. If I was 20 years younger, I'd buy it.
  7. bikeplate

    bikeplate Supporting Member

    Jun 7, 2001
    Upstate NY

    My first bass. I think I used it as an anchor at one point:)

  8. Orco87


    Mar 26, 2000
    My first bass, still have it. It's an old thing, it requires some work too, (new electronics, pickups, action, etc.) but it has such a good tone and it's fun to play. T-40's are great basses!
  9. Peavey T-40 that was my first real bass. I bought a New candy apple red one back in 1979..I had it for about 6 months. I remember that it sounded good ,but it weighed a ton ,it had to many knobs for me...I traded it in on a 72 Fender Jazz and never looked back..... I have some pictures of me playing it somewhere.....

  10. not to inspire any riots, but I am a member of another bass board and it is THE bass to have! At least 10 or more folks have one. I like em OK, but others swear by them. If you want, you can go over there and do a search on t-40 and you'll see what I mean.
  11. Not78pbass,,,Then I think you should get one,,really you should just because that other "bass board" dudes like'em. I owned one and I can tell you that they aren't that great! Like said before, it sounded ok, but it weighed a ton and was ugly as a sin. I think I cut my hand on one of the knobs too..I paid around $200 back in 1979,, so they really haven't gone up in value...Go play one see what you think. Don't worry what other people say..If it's what you like, go for it.

  12. Fetch,
    did i say somehting rude? I was making light of the fact that i am a member of both boards.

    As far as the T-40 i said, i like it alright. I am not advocating that everyone should go out and buy one, i was merely adding some non-linear perspective (iow: outside of this forum), as someone requested input. I agree that they are primitive, but that is part of thier (and many, many other basses') charm.

    And no, they havent gone up in value, they have maintained a good value proposition - which is important to working class bassists. Perhaps, that is unacceptable to you?

    have a nice day :)
  13. Not78pbass,,No I don't think you said anything rude.
    Thats cool that you are a member of two bass forums. I think I was a member of 3 at one time..now only talkbass...:)

    As far as the T-40 go's I guess what I was saying, was that it was a little to much for me at that time,,,I was only 16 when I bought it and didn't know much about basses then.. You know the two big ass pups. 4 big knobs and a switch or two...
    that thing ate up my right hand and broke my back:D. I wouldn't say that the T-40 is primitive compared to say my 77 fender Jazz or my 77 fretless P...The T-40 was trying to be a mega MM Stingray but failed somehow...
    You know now that I think about it. I kind of wish I still had that T-40, just because it was my first real bass.
    . Please,,No hard feelings. I am sorry it came off that way! Good Luck to you...

  14. bwbass


    May 6, 2002
    I got a T40 as my first electric bass - I played upright first, then a cheap Applause ABG. I have to say I'm a huge fan! I love the big, heavy, 70's-funky things, with all the chrome and P-for-Peavey knobs.... I paid $150 for mine, and you can't beat that!

    The sound is agressive and beefy - it'll never sound quite like a Pbass, but I liked the bridge pickup soloed. Then again, they sound better if you disable the tone caps - I had mine wired as master volume, master tone, pickup selector toggle, individual coil-splitters for each pickup, and coil-flip for the single coil mode, I think... (that's two knobs and 4 switches).

    Normally, they blend in the second coil per pickup to become humbuckers as you turn down the tone controls, so they get louder and thicker as well as warmer. The full-on humbucker sound without the tone cap is pretty in-your-face, if you like that kind of thing.

    By the way, I also have a T20 fretless which is actually hackberry, not ash, although the two look pretty similar. I think some T40's may be hackberry, too.
  15. no hard feelings at all - im right there with you - i play a 78pbass (i know...Duh) and have grown further and further away from my ATK's and sold my other active's (including my OBP-1) .

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