Peavey T-Max in da flippedy floppedy floop!!!!!

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    Jan 7, 2004
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    Pawn shops rule!!!! They always have better deals than music stores.

    I've recently had it with my Genz Benz ML200-115T, so I've been looking around pawn shops for a possible trade (I don't have a job). It had 2 unforgivable features. The first was that the tweeter couldn't be turned down or off. The highs were like an icepick on a chalkboard. The second was that it had only a 3 band eq. I never could get the mids right and ended up just turning them off half the time. I learned a valuable lesson though, never buy an amp before playing it.

    Anyways, back to the T-Max. I played it for about 30 minutes and it sounded great. More smooth and not quite as gritty as most other Peavey's I've played. The guy a wanted $425 for it plus a peavey 4X10. Awesome deal, I just had no cash. So I brought my Genz, Crate BX-50, and TV up there and offered a trade for the rig. The guy said he would give me $130 for the Genz, $60 for the Crate and $30 for the TV. Not even close. So I offered to trade the Genz for just the head. He said he'd have to hear it. I soloed my butt off and he really liked it :bassist: . He told me he was a guitarist in a gigging blues band. Forgot the name. Anyways, he told me it was my lucky day and we made the trade. It just sucks I have no cab for it yet.

    I know this is yawn material for most of you, it's just the first time I've been happy with my equipment. The Genz was a catastrophe and all 3 Ibani I owned prior to my Fender P-bass were garbage.

    I just had to share. Peavey rules!!!!! :bag: