Peavey T-Max Setup Question

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  1. I have been using this Head for a little while. I really like the Bi-Amp features on it, and also have a Sansamp RBI and QSC. I have used the QSC for power to the lows, and internal amp for highs. It works fine.

    My question is about the Bi-Amp and maybe only using the internal amp. If I use a Y cable out from HI and Low output and back into the Power amp, I can now control the Xover and balance of them. Do I risk damage to teh amp in doing this? I have tried it here at home, but not a gig levels. I really like the shapability that has become available, but was a little aprehensive, not knowing if I risk damage to the amp.

    It is run into my AMpeg 410HLF for now......and sounds better than ever (at home levels).

    Curious......and -
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    Oct 13, 2005
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    That should be fine.
  3. thanks -

    Do you work with Gene?(curious?)
  4. OK - Did this and it added more shaping capability in the one dimendional way of setting up. Pretty cool.

    I think it was in between standard setup and bi-amping.