Peavey T20 neck vs 90’s Foundation neck

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  1. ben_jaminlewis


    Sep 29, 2019
    Hey everyone,
    I have a 1983 T-20 Bass that I absolutely love. I’ve recently started shopping some 92-93 Foundations. I know what to expect from these Super Ferrite pickups, but can anyone help me out with a neck shape comparison between these two models? Any thoughts on the late 80’s Patriot Bass and how they compare to the T-20?

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  2. JW56789

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    Feb 18, 2017
    IIRC, later Peavey necks were 'flatter than rounder' like the T20, but a bit bigger. My T40 necks were really thin alongside that massive body, and a later DynaBass was in that same vein. I've never played all the Peavey necks, but all I have seemed to generally fit that sort of shape, and I could be wrong about the bass you're asking about.

    Why no one has used that thumbrest built into the uphill side of the pickup ring feature is beyond me, it's brilliant, and a wonderful little bonus on the T20's.
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  3. Bass V

    Bass V

    Dec 11, 2008
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    that's a sweet bass, I'm dying for a T-20 to go with my '83 FL
  4. ben_jaminlewis


    Sep 29, 2019
    Update: I bought a ‘92 Foundation. It should be here within the next few days. Now I just need to decide between flats or roundwounds. Hahah

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  5. Apart from the narrower nut I doubt you'll find much difference. T20 neck is flatter than the Foundation and Patriot but it's just a matter of adjusting saddles. Neck thickness on Peaveys is pretty much constant between models. It saved time/money when machining.

    I've had T40 necks on Foundations and when my Patriot neck went south it would have got a T40 neck too. The 21 frets vs 20 frets scuppered that idea :thumbsdown: Since I didn't need to shim or play with the micro tilt I'd say the pockets were cut to the same depth. I've also had BXP Millennium necks on Foundations,that's why I reckon the necks are consistant sizes.

    Wouldn't say there's a huge difference between Patriot and T20/1st gen Fury. The slant Ferrite is about 3/4" off the straight Patriot.

    If you go looking for a Patriot be aware,like the Dynabass,they come in 2 versions. Those basses were offered in 1 1/2" nut and 1 3/4" nut sizes.
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  6. ben_jaminlewis


    Sep 29, 2019
    Update: The ‘92 Foundation I bought definitely has more of a Jazz Bass feel and sound. The neck slims down at the nut much like a J Bass. The 2 pickup system gets some similar tones as well.
    I put a set of flatwounds on it yesterday and honestly, I’m thinking about going back to roundwounds.
    Thanks for all the tips and feedback. Suggestions always welcome.