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Peavey TNT 130 project - could use advice

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by caffiend2049, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. caffiend2049


    Mar 24, 2013
    The set up: I play a G&L L1000 through a stage5 pedal board which A/Bs to feed 2 Peavey TNT130s - not stereo or biamped....we do a lot of live looping - so amp 1 has the loop pedal in the chain and amp 2 is essentially for live overdubs.

    Anyhoo....my amps are old and wise and have seen the world.....but they both have developed some personality disorders - most annoying of these is intermittent level dropouts. I recently had one cleaned....I was thinking it was the pots. Happens primarily after a gain boost, like hitting the wah a bit or when I turn the distortion off all my volume goes with it.

    Well, I'm not exactly flush with cash, so the prospect of shelling out for 2 new combos is kinda daunting. So I tried thinking outside of the box.....I'm looking around my attic and, lo and behold, there sits an alesis RA-100. I ran from the pedal board to that - had one channel feed amp1 and the other feed amp 2. I cabled the alesis into the "power amp in" jack on the peaveys thinking that I was using it as the power amp and "power amp goes in here."
    Well....it sounded great and I had no drop out issues but I was confused that the compression light on the peaveys would flash from time to time....and I was thinking....well, this is cool.....the speaker protection feature is wired AFTER the aux amp in. I will have to not chop that out when I go to cut this down into a speaker cab.

    Well....I looked up the user manual....and according to the book....that is the "in" to the power amp....so was I effectively running the RA-100 as the preamp?

    Having effectively bipassed the EQ on the amp, I ebayed up a pair of Rane PE15s with the idea of racking the alesis and the EQs to use as a makeshift head. Was hoping to cut the TNT130s down to simple speaker enclosures....but now I'm confused. Here's the questions:

    If I was really using the alesis as a preamp and still hitting the peavey power amps - is that bad? seems that 45 watts a channel (or whatever it is) is a bit much.
    If I just bypass all the electronics in the combos and try to use a 100 watt "reference" amp to drive 2 4ohm speakers will I be doing this::rollno: and wishing that I had kept my soldering iron packed up?

    Any suggestions or info welcome
  2. caffiend2049


    Mar 24, 2013
    Okay....so I've read up and played around a lot.
    I am definitely NOT bypassing the power amps in the TNT130s going in the "power amp in."
    In my current set-up, using the pre-amp bypass on the stage5, out to the "power amp in" on the TNTs I have no volume control aside from the volume knob on the bass.
    Using the preamp on the stage5 is unsatisfactory in terms of tone AND the gain/volume adjuster is on the floor and hits both amps the same. boohiss!

    Using the RA-100 between the pedal board and the amps gives me independent volume control of each speaker and sounds pretty good to me.

    BUT....is this safe to do at low levels of output....or are my power amps going to get destroyed? Mind you, the DDT clip light is only popping on intermittently....so I'm taking that as a good sign.

    IF this is a horrible idea for technical reasons (as opposed to just a bad idea) what would be an affordable replacement that I could find quickly?
    Not looking for coloration....and don't even need an EQ section....just 2 rackable pres with some punch and a big freakin' volume knob - $100-150/channel tops.

    Any ideas?

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