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  1. I'm still a very amature Bass player and I'm not real familiar with the nuances of different brands. What I'm most curious about is the equipment I have now. I have an Epiphone Accu Bass Jr., and a Peavey TNT 100. any information or tips about either would be cool. I'm most interested in learning how to get different tones and such out of my amp. Thanks for any help
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    The peavey TNT is a huge beast. I use a TNT 115BW for my main amp, and it hammers. As for the epiphone i cant tell you much.

    But what would you like to know about the peavey :)
  3. It definately has some boom to it and a wide variety of tones.Any favotites? I downloaded the owners manual from Peavey, but it really doesn't say much absolutely anything you can tell me would definitely be cool, thanks a lot.
  4. My mother bought me a TNT 100 when I started out in high school. I still have this amp 15 years later. Some folks like to bash Peavey, but I think their stuff gives a lot of bang for the buck. And you just can't kill these amps, no matter what you do! Here's what I can tell you:

    * If your amp doesn't have casters, buy some this weekend. Your back will thank you.

    * You can take the back casters off to make a "tilt-back" cabinet if you need to project up. The TNT throws a lot of air through the port. You won't hear a lot of it with the cab upright, but folks that are 10 or 20 feet away from you will. Tilting the cab helps me to hear myself better.

    * I replaced the original speaker with an EV 200 watt some years ago. If I remember correctly, these amps do not come with Peavey's Black Widow speaker and sound a little weak to me. Not a big issue -- if it sounds right to you, don't worry about it.

    * Although named TNT 100, it's actually a 45 watt RMS amp -- but it's a loud 45 watts. Don't know if that's because of the 15 and the bottom port or what. You'll want to go into a direct box and PA if go to play out with this amp in any place much bigger than a coffee house.

    * Oh yeah, you asked about sounds! You can overdrive the preamp to get a distortion sound. Turn your master volume all the way down, turn your gain/volume all the way up, and then slowly turn your master back up. You can control the "grit" by turning the gain up or down.

    * Like the manual says, the mid/shift controls do alot. I'd recommend spending some time with these. Turn the shift to 1 or 2, then turn the middle knob to different positions and play a bit. Move the shift to 4 or 5 and repeat, then 8 or 9 and repeat. There's a lot of variety in just these two knobs alone. I like a kind of "mid cut/low mid boost" in my fingerstyle sound, and usually set the shift at around 2 and the middle at about 7 or 8. I like the bass all the way up and treble at around 5 or 6. I have a Fender Precision, play fingerstyle, and shoot for kind of an old school blues/R&B sound. Maybe something like the Motown thump with more definition and roundwound strings.

    * The rest depends on your bass, playing style (pick, fingers, slap, etc.) and musical style. Although it's not what most folks would call a slapper's amp, you can get by with the settings I've mentioned above and with the treble boosted to about 8.

    That's all I can think of for now!
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    wcmatn01 summed up just above every peavey combo avalible! :D

    Id definatley agree with the handles though, its a touch beast to lift
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    We have one of these at church and I built a dolly for it with 5 or 6 inch casters from Harbor Freight to match the base dimensions, covered it with black carpet, and now it's very bearable, plus you don't mess with the cabinet and risk them getting torn off!

    Works great for the kind of sound the music director wanted... good practice amp, but not much for a gig.
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    My Peavey TNT 115 is known only as "The Beast" or
    "That Big Heavy Loud S.O.B."...
    just thought I'd share...
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    Aint it the truth ;)