Peavey Tour 700 Vs Mesa M9 Carbine

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  1. I currently use a Peavey Tour 450 but it lacks power/wattage. Considering trading up to the Tour 700 Head although I'm really itching for a Mesa M9 Carbine (my dream head)... but the price tag is more than $1K more than the Peavey Tour 700 and I just don't have that kinda cash at the moment. Do I just make due with the Tour 450 and save up for the M9 or would the Tour 700 satisfy my wattage needs? I'm told the M9 is such a great head and would give me more "warmth" in my tone. Decisions, decisions... :confused:
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    What kind of cab are you using with the Tour 450? What's the impedance of the cab?

    If I tried a piece of gear and really liked it I'd find a way to buy it either used or by saving up, but I would also not spend a lot of money on an expensive head unless I had a worthy cab, just like I wouldn't decide I didn't like a head unless I tried it with a great cab. The cab is more important than the head anyway.
  3. lomo

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    Apr 15, 2006
    What cabs?
  4. icks


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    It depends on how good you think your peavey sounds.

    Very good --> buy the 700
    Not that good --> buy the mesa when you got the cash.
  5. CL400Peavey

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    +1 to your cab selection.

    The volume difference between 250 and 10,000 watts is nothing if you are running through a off the shelf 210.
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    Apr 15, 2006
    I just saw the Rumble 410 in your it 4 or 8 Ohms? If it's 8 I'd get another, better 8 Ohm 410 and try them together with your Peavey 450 before........still wanting the M9:bag:

    If it's 4 Ohms I'd still replace it, with a 610 or 810 if you can haul it......then see about the head.
  7. Ya, I'm using the Rumble 410 Cab which is 4ohms. Not bad for a $300 cab although I will probably get myself a new cab. Was looking at a used Mesa Powerhouse 1200, but figured I'd upgrade the Head 1st. The Peavey head I'm using sounds fairly good, just wishing it had more headroom. I'm really pounding the Rumble cab hard.

    I'm playing Metal (Metallica Tribute & Original Material) so I'm after more midrange tone.
  8. My buddy is trying to turn me onto Hartke LM1000 but I've never been much of a fan of Hartke but trying to keep an open mind. Just lacks the 9 band eq which I like to really dial in my tone
  9. CL400Peavey

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    Skip the PH1200. It is among the worst cabs on the market. If you want a Mesa cab look at their 610, 215, 412, or 810. If you are willing to look at other brands there are lots of other great cabs out there. Either one big 4 ohm cab, or two smaller 8 ohm cabs is the way to go.

    Hartke makes a good amp, but you need to know if it will sound good to you.

    IMHO the cab is the more important factor. I would start by upgrading from the budget 410 you have now to something better, then let the amp figure itself out.
  10. Bassdirty


    Jul 23, 2010
    I think you should upgrade the cab 1st. IMO of course, but I believe many will agree. Even if you got a bigger/better head, your limited to what that rumble 410 will take.

    edit CL beat me to the punch..(no pun intended) ;)
  11. Think I'll looking into getting a new cab 1st. Thanks for the recommendation guys
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    Yes, +1 get a good cab first. And, +1 again, avoid the PH1200. Bad design. Get the 610, 810, or 412, (or my choice, 2x 212 8 ohms ea). Speaker cab is most important piece of the puzzle.
  13. I'm really thinking towards a 410 + 212... now that would be nice....
  14. Tractorr


    Aug 23, 2011
    Unless you tried this combination and it worked well together (at a number of distances and angles), you are better off just buying two of either one.
  15. Why ?
  16. Ya why? I was thinking of going to a 410 + 115 but I play mostly metal and don't really need a lot of bottom end. But sometimes, I wish I had just a little bit more bottom end then just my 410 cab alone. So I was thinking the 212 would be a nice addition to the 410. Although I wouldn't use my current Rumble 410, that would be my jamming/kick around cab and I'd use nicer 410 + 212 cabs for gigs/home. Only problem is where I live, there isn't a lot of stock selection. Mostly have to order in.
  17. Speaker size has nothing to do with how much lows you get.

    Mixing different size speakers in the same frequency range is not a good practice, plenty of threads here to read through.

    That is the reason behind the bad rep of the powerhouse 1000/1200 cabs (4X10 + 1X15 config).
  18. hummm... maybe I should try going only 12" speakers? Got to find somewhere I can try them out with my head!
  19. lo-freq

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    You might want to check out a pair of 8ohm GK212 Neo's.